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92 new doctoral graduates conferred at the spring graduation ceremony

[2012-05-29] On Saturday 2 June, Umeå University will confer 92 doctoral degrees and honour 12 award recipients. Open lectures will be held on Wednesday morning by four of the awardees. The graduation ceremony and lectures can be attended by the general public.

The ceremony starts with a procession where Vice-Chancellor Lena Gustafsson and others from the university management, the deans, the “promovendi” (Latin term for newly conferred doctors), and the award winners enter the auditorium. The 92 doctoral degree recipients and 12 award winners take their places on the stage and the Vice-Chancellor, the deans, and those who present the awards take their places in the front seating row in the auditorium.

The Spring Commencement Ceremony begins on Saturday 2 June at 13.00 sharp in the Aula Nordica concert hall.

Programme with more information about the new doctors and award recipients (in Swedish)Press image

Photo by: Mattias Pettersson

Open Lectures - Wednesday 30 May

Place: Humanities Building, Lecture Hall E (hörsal E)
Time: 8.30-12.00
Language: Swedish with the exception of Thomas Degn's lecture

08:30-08:55: Från lägerelden till nätet – samisk folklore och berättartradition på internet (From the campfire to the net– Sámi folkore and storytelling tradition on the internet)
Coppélie Cocq, Humlab
Centre for Sami Research (Vaartoe/Cesam) scientific award

09.00-09.25: Design as a link between academia and industry (Held in English)
Thomas Degn, Umeå Institute of Design
Faculty of Science and Technology collaboration award

09.30-09.55: Varje människa är en berättelse – när hinder blir till möjligheter (Every person is a narrative – when obstacles turn to opportunities)
Karina Arvidsson, Student Services
Umeå Union of Students study adviser award

10.00-12.00: Vad gör en skicklig lärare? (What does a skilled teacher do?
Discussion with the pedagocial award recipients at Umeå University: Monica Diehl, Eva Johansson, Christina Juthberg, Tomas Lindehell, Ulf Lindström, Roger Marjavaara, Ann Cristin Winroth
Moderator: Kerstin Engström

For further information, please contact:

Gunvor Larsson, Mistress of Ceremonies
Phone: +46 (0)90-7867776
Mobile: +46 (0)70-1901665

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