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Bustling Welcome Fair for 5,000 students

[2017-09-07] Today, on 7 September, 5,000 students will visit Välkomstmässan at Umeå University. Apart from a good amount of useful info and advice to new students, visitors will also be offered speeches, shows and a concert with Cleo & Broke’n Tipsy.

“This is our way of welcoming all our students back after the summer and of course an extra warm welcome to our new students. Many have come to Umeå for the first time, and many take on university studies for the first time. That is one reason why we take the chance early on in the semester to show what Umeå and the University has to offer, and what student life can involve,” says Maria Hammarström, project coordinator for the Welcome Fair.

She also mentions that students’ unions, study programmes and mentors have worked hard to make the reception of new students as positive as possible. The Welcome Fair is also a way for the city Umeå to show its offering to new students, and hence, the municipality, companies and associations will tell visitors more about their operations. For instance, exhibitors can give you advice on everything from accommodation, activities and amusement.

This year’s Welcome Fair will also offer some extra action on the big stage.

“After a short speech greeting the students welcome by Heidi Hansson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Umeå municipality, and Fredrik Lindegren, Head of Culture at Umeå municipality, the artist Cleo will perform. The students themselves chose the artist through a Facebook voting,” says Maria Hammarström.

There will be performances such as dance, music and sports on stage all day.

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