Academic Ceremonies

Umeå University holds two academic ceremonies. The installment of new professors, appointment of honorary doctors and award recipients in the autumn, and the spring graduation of new doctors.

The annual celebration ceremony is an important ritual when the university installs its newly appointed professors, and celebrates honorary doctors and scientific award recipients. It has become a tradition on campus that the professors, honorary doctors and award recipients hold open lectures for the general public just prior to the official ceremony.

Umeå University invites recent doctoral degree recipients to participate in the special spring graduation ceremony. In connection with this graduation ceremony, the university also honours its distinguished young researchers and instructors that have been recognised for high achievement. This ceremony is open to the general public and guests.

The Swedish word for the ceremonial conferment of doctor’s degrees (“promovera”) is derived from the Latin promvere, which means to move forward, to advance, and to promote. Those present at the ceremony are bestowed the insignias, also known as the dignified symbols of doctors. Members of all faculties wear the doctoral ring and receive a diploma. Doctors of Dental Surgery (Odontology) and Medicine are honoured with a doctors hat, while the insignia for the other faculties is a laurel wreath.

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