Do you want to be a student marshal at Årshögtiden?

Årshögtiden 2017, the Annual Celebration, takes place on 21 October. New professors, honorary doctors and award recipients are being honoured.

At Årshögtiden student marshals are participating. The student marshals are representing Umeå University and contributes to making people feel welcome, valuable and expected guests!

The King of Sweden will attend both ceremony and banquet.

Time and date

Thursday 19 October

16:15 Rehearsal in Aula Nordica

Saturday 21 October

Please note that the times in italic below are preliminary
8:30 Gathering for student marshals in Aula Nordica. The exact time and place will be announced later.
9:00-12:00 Lectures in Samhällsvetarhuset and Humanisthuset.
15:15 Gathering for student marshals in Aula Nordica. The exact time will be announced later.
17:00 Ceremony in Aula Nordica.
19:00 Banquet in Universum

Tasks for student marshals


  • Hand out programmes.


  • Hold the flag both outside, in Brashörnan and on stage.
  • Open cardoors and if it is raining, hold umbrellas and follow guests to the front door.
  • Hand out programmes.
  • Help guest find their way at the ceremony.
  • In general – be a good host/hostess.


As a thanking gesture the student marshals are invited to the evening banquet in Universum after the ceremony. The banquet starts with a welcome drink. The three-course menu are served with wine or non-alcoholic beverages. After the coffee the dancing to Renhornen starts.

Dress code

Banquet and ceremony

White tie and tails and white waistcoat for men and evening gown for women. Student's cap, white gloves and union ribbon must be worn.


Black trousers/skirt and white shirt/blouse.


We have a number of student's caps and white gloves for lending. Please specify on the web form if you want to borrow.


Pleace notice that as a student marshal you do not get paid and you will have to manage the white tie and tails or evening gown yourself. However, your day and evening will be filled with exciting experiences and you will have nice memories of your time as student marshal!

The registration is closed.

Please notice that a lot of students are interested in being a student marshall. We will let you know during week 39 if you are accepted or not.

Please send questions to

Studentmarskalkar står på scenen

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Image: Mattias Pettersson

Studentmarskalk med fanor ute

Image: Mattias Pettersson

Studentmarskalkar öppnar bildörrar

Image: Hans Karlsson

Studentmarskalk håller paraply

Image: Hans Karlsson

Studentmarskalk delar ut program

Image: Mattias Pettersson

Studentmarskalk i procesison

Image: Mattias Pettersson