Information for new professors and award recipients

The programme for the Annual Celebration 2017

No dress code unless otherwise stated

Friday 20 October

11:00-11:30 Inauguration of the exhibition, University Library.
12:00 Faculty lucnh. An invitation will be send out.
13:30-15:00 Rehearsal of the ceremony at the University auditorium, Aula Nordica.
18:00-20.00 Vice-Chancellor’s reception. Dress: Jacket. An invitation will be send out.

Saturday 21 October

Guest lectures; honorary doctors, new professors and award recipients. Humanities Building and Social Sciences Building.
14:00 Royal seminar
Aprox. 16:00 A brief review for those who couldn't participate at the rehearsal on Friday. Please notice that this must be reported in advance to
16:00 Gathering in Universitetsklubben, Aula Nordica, before the ceremony. Dress: Formal.
17:00 Ceremony at Aula Nordica. Dress: Formal.
19:00 Banquet at the Universum Restaurant. Dress: Formal.

Here is more information:


Inauguration of the exhibition

11:00-11:30 University Library

In the research hall of the University Library there will be an exhibition of the honorary doctors, new professors and award recipients. An honorary doctor or award recipient will hold a lecture.



An invitation will be send out.


At 13:30– approx.- 15:00 in Aula Nordica

At the rehearsal, the details of the ceremony will be described and somewhat rehearsed. It is very important to attend the rehearsal.

Vice-Chancellor’s reception

At 18:00–20:00

Vice-Chancellor Hans Adolfsson will host a reception where you can enjoy some canapés and wine and mingle with the other new professors, award recipients and honorary doctors. You may bring one accompanying guest. An invitation will be sent out later. Dress code: Jacket and tie suggested.



Guest lectures

Aprox. 9:00-12:00 Samhällsvetarhuset and Humanisthuset

New professors, award recipients and honorary doctors deliver a 20-minute popular lecture each on their field of research. The general public is welcome to attend. The programme will be sent out at the end of August, when we know the number of lectures.

Royal seminar


A royal seminar with an arctic theme will be held. There will be more information in the fall.

Brief review

Aprox. 16:00 in Aula Nordica

If you, for special reasons, can't be at the rehearsal on Friday you must report this in advance to You must instead come to the stage in Aula Nordica before the ceremony for the brief review. After the review you go up to the gathering in Universitetsklubben.

Gathering before the ceremony

16:00 in Universitetsklubben

New professors, award recipients and honorary doctors will gather before lining up in the procession.


At 17:00 in Aula Nordica

At the start of the ceremony, the honorary doctors, new professors and award recipients will enter the auditorium in procession and take their seats on stage. The Vice-Chancellor, the faculty deans and the persons presenting the awards will be seated in the first row of the mezzanine.

The opening addresses will be followed by the conferment of honorary doctorates, the installation of new professors, and finally by the presentation of awards for scientific achievement.

The guests of honour make no speeches, but each presentation is followed by applause.

In this short video of the ceremony, you can get a glimpse of the set-up.

Reserve seats for guests at the ceremony

Your guests comming to the banquet will get reserved seats at the ceremony. You can also reserve seats for guests just comming to the ceremony. We recommend that small children stay at home. Information about the seating will be sent to you just days before the ceremony.

Photo and film

A group photo will be taken and the ceremony will be filmed. Your guests are allowed to film and take photos.

No indivdual photos will be taken at the ceremony, but after the dinner a photographer will take individual photos or group photos.

Banquet and dance

At 19:00 in restaurant Universum

The banquet begins after the ceremony. Dinner will be preceded by a gathering and a welcome toast for the guests. At the dinner, a three-course meal will be served with wine or alcohol-free refreshments. After the coffee there will be dancing.


You and one accompanying person are guests of the University at the banquet. If you want to invite others guests the fee is SEK 900 for adults and SEK 500 for adolescents under the age of 18. The invoice will be sent out in November. Please notice that the number of guests may need to be limited.

Speeches during dinner

A number of brief speeches will be made during dinner. The speakers concerned will been asked in advance.

Ceremony and banquet attire

You should wear formal dress, i.e. white tie and tails (in Swedish frack), long evening gown or academic gown. If you want to wear a national costume you should consult the Master of ceremonies.

Dress code for your guests

Your guests attending both the ceremony and the banquet must also wear formal dress , i.e. white tie and tails, long evening gown, academic gown or national costume. Adolescents may dress less formally; girls usually wear a pretty dress, boys a white shirt with dark pants and a tie or bow tie.

Gustes just attending the ceremony may dress as they please.

Ribbons and doctoral hats

The ribbon of an order may be worn. Only the Dean and the Honorary doctors of the Faculty of Medicine will wear the doctoral hat.

Rent white tie and tails

In Umeå you can at you own expence rent white tie and tails including black patent shoes at Högtidskläder, Västra Norrlandsgatan 22 A, tel. 090-77 02 17. To rent white tie and tails Högtidskläder needs to know:

  • the size of your collor
  • your suit size
  • the width of your chest
  • the width of your waist
  • the sleeve length from your shoulder
  • Inseam trouser length (from crotch) - all in centimeters.

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