Dress code - Ceremony and Banquet

Doctors and award recipients

All new doctors, jubilee doctors and award recipients have to wear formal dress on stage, i.e. white tie and tails and white waistcoat or evening gown will be worn.  National costume may be worn.

It is custom to wear the same clothes to the banquet afterwards.


attending both ceremony and banquet

Guests who are audience at the ceremony and then attend the banquet must wear formal or informal evening dress: White tie and tails and white waistcoat, long or short evening gowns, national costumes, dark business suits or academic gown.

At previous Spring Graduation Ceremonies about half the guests have chosen to wear tails and long evening gowns.

attending only the ceremony

Guests who are only audience at the ceremony can wear clothing of their own choice.

Ribbons and doctoral hats

The ribbon of an order may be worn. Only the promotor, the jubilee doctors and the new doctors at the faculty of Medicine will wear doctoral hats.


It is possible to rent ceremonial attire at stores in Umeå. For list of companies, see eniro.se or hitta.se.

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