Doctoral Candidate Funding

Umeå University Industrial Doctoral School (IDS) call for applications for funding of 10-15 doctoral research projects.

Doctoral research projects will be funded jointly by the university and an external partner; each part will contribute 50 % of the doctoral candidate’s salary. The closing date for applications is the 4th of October 2017.

10- 15 Doctoral Candidate Projects

The doctoral research projects must be based on a collaboration between researchers at Umeå University and employees at an external organisation, such as a company, third-sector or public-sector organisation. The projects are financed jointly by the university and the external partner, who contributes 50 % of the doctoral candidate’s salary.

In partnership with a company, third-sector or public-sector organisation, doctoral candidates in IDS work for four years to answer a research question that is both of mutual interest to the partners and important for the future. IDS projects have a high level of scientific quality and the ambition is that they should provide public benefit, which lays a foundation for both competitiveness and development.

Researchers at Umeå University who have the right to act as the principal supervisor for a doctoral candidate are eligible to apply for doctoral candidate funding.

If the external partner is a non-profit organisation, IDS this year offers an opportunity to apply for extended funding from the university. In cases of granted applications, the external partner then only need to fund 25 % of the doctoral candidate’s salary (i.e. 75 % funds by the university and 25 % from the external part). To apply, a specific motivation is needed that include a clear description of why the external part is unable to fund 50 % of the salary of the doctoral candidate.

Instruction for application IDS 2017Application form for Doctroal Candidate IDS 2017

Closing date is 4th of October 2017.


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