IDS Projects

Intake nr 5 - 2016

  1. Atlantic Salmon Downstream Migration: Environmental Drivers, Problems and Solutions
  2. Sustainable financial management
  3. Empathy – changes and strategies for maintaining empathy in the medical profession
  4. Adaptive Management of Mountain Lake Fish Populations in Changing Environment
  5. Methods for quantification and visualization of sustainable housing
  6. Drop-out and continuation processes in Swedish football
  7. Metals Taking Flight – Cross-boundary transfer of Contaminants
  8. Longitudinal Airborne Species Diversity

Intake nr 4 - 2014

  1. A Municipality’s Communication with Its Citizens – a Holistic Perspective
  2. Developing Magnetic Resonance; Imaging for Radiotherapy]
  3. Implementation of Nurse-led Family Health Conversations in Ordinary Residences]
  4. Biochar as an Adsorbent in Treating Industrial Wastewater]
  5. The Mechanical Pre-processing of Raw Wood Material for Pulp Mills & Biorefineries]
  6. Treatment of High-priority Organic Substances in Complex Waters
  7. Green Technology and Economy

Intake 3 - 2012

  1. The Regionalisation of Music and Dance: the Interconnection of Administrative and Cultural Boundaries
  2. The Characterisation of Dissolving Cellulose and Production of New Cellulose-based Fibres
  3. Formal Analysis and Verification in the Development of a Plan Recognition System
  4. The Torrefaction of Biomass – Method Development for Analysing Product Characteristics
  5. Innovative Multivariate Model-based Approaches for Industry
  6. The Development and Characterisation of Spectroscopic Techniques for Detecting Biological Weapons
  7. The Dilemma of Sustainability. Indigenous People and Dispute Resolution in a Dynamic Era
  8. Environmental and Energy Policy’s Impact on the Environment, Production and Consumption
  9. Biomass Mixed with Fractionated Waste – Characterization, Optimization and Emissions

Intake 2 - 2010

  1. Maximized Value-added Upgrading of Extractives in Biorefining
  2. The Modelling and Simulation of Large-scale Granular Matter with Complex Flows
  3. New Generation Process Modelling of the Pharmaceutical Industry
  4. Energy-efficiency Measures for Multi-family Residences from Record-breaking Years in a Cold Climate
  5. Health Economics-oriented Analysis of Data in PsoReg – a Registry for the Systemic Treatment of Psoriasis
  6. Traffic Safety Innovations Based on Field Dat
  7. Customer-centricity and Effective CRM Systems

Intake 1 - 2008

  1. Chemical Process Development in the Production of Cellulose and Cellulose Materials
  2. Ultrasound Diagnostics and Other Image-producing Systems in Medical Clinical Applications
  3. Reduction Algorithms for Geometrically-complex Components
  4. Resonance Sensor Instruments and Methods for Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer
  5. Development of Quantum Cascade (QC) Laser-based Tuneable Diode Laser Absorption Spectrometry (TDLAS) to a Sensitive Technique for Gas Analysis
  6. IT Integration and Organizational Innovation Capability
  7. The Process of Credit Preparation; Its Function, Structure and Efficiency
  8. Semi-automated Forestry Harvester
  9. Investigation into the True Nature of the Interaction Mode in Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography
  10. Enzyme Production in the Manufacturing of Cellulose-based Ethanol
  11. Plasmin as a Drug Candidate to Combat Inflammatory Diseases
  12. Thermal Destruction of Hazardous Waste
  13. Simulering av mjuka material i kirurgisimulatorer


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