Facts and Figures

The tireless struggle to become Sweden’s fifth university was achieved in great part to the marketing efforts of Gösta Skoglund, a local politician and member of the Swedish parliament from 1940-1970. The politicians had to choose between Härnösand and Umeå. They decided on Umeå in 1963, changing the course of the town's history.

In 1956 it was the dental school that led the way to higher education in Umeå. In 1958, Umeå launched a teaching hospital. And in 1963, the decision was made to establish a university in Umeå, and Umeå University was inaugurated on the 17th of September 1965, by the then king, Gustav VI Adolf.

During 1965 there were only about 2,000 students. Today the total of students - including those at the postgraduate level - is approximately 31,000. Many of these students are taking courses via distance education, or online learning. Additionally, there are 2,032 teachers and researchers employed by the university.

Pond area at Campus Umeå

Image: Andreas Nilsson

Did You Know That...?

The world’s largest brännboll (similar to rounders) tournament is played in Umeå every May.

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