Umeå University in Figures

During the first six years of the 1990s, the total number of enrolled students doubled at Umeå University. Currently, we are concentrating on improving the quality of our undergraduate level education as well as continuing the development of our research and postgraduate level education. Additionally, our vision is to significantly increase the mobility of international student and faculty exchange.

Improvements and changes are constantly occurring on the main campus of Umeå University. Several new buildings have been established during the 1990s. Exisiting buildings have also been renovated, modernised and expanded. In order to fully comprehend the size of the main campus, it's equivalent to approximately 34 football pitches!

Quick Facts 2016

Total enrolled students (2016 figures)

(61% female)
including 1,089 at the postgraduate level (51% female)

Employees 4,137 (53% female)
Professors 365 (30% female)
Teachers/Researchers 2,113 (47% female)
Departments/Units 39
Centres (equiv.) 16 (including Umeå School of Education)
Exchange agreements 900
Partner universities 399 (in 51 countries)
Total size of premises 241,508 m²

Norrskenet med Lärarutbildningshuset och Samhällsvetarhuset i bakgrunden

Image: Mattias Pettersson



SEK 4,221 m in receipts of which 41% for bachelor and master level
studies and 59% for research and postgraduate studies


SEK 4,227 m in costs of which 62% for personnel and 10% for premises

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