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Community interventions to close epilepsy treatment gap cost-effective

Most of epilepsy cases are treatable, yet in many parts of the world, including sub-Saharan Africa where the burden is amongst the world’s highest, access to adequate treatment remains low. This results in significant stigma, avoidable harm and large...

Successful celebration at the Graduation Ceremony

On Tuesday 24 May, 143 Masters students from twenty international programmes celebrated their upcoming graduation by attending a ceremony held in Aula Nordica. It was the second consecutive year in which the ceremony was held, and it was very much ap...

When is a model sufficiently good to replace animal testing?

Aleksandra Rybacka shows in her dissertation how computational tools can be used in risk assessment of industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Computational tools are planned to fully substitute animal testing in the future. Aleksandra Rybacka defe...

New book: "Visiting the Visitor"

A new book raises how the study of visitors to museums has undergone a fundamental change. One of the two authors of the book "Visiting the Visitor - An Enquiry Into the Visitor Buisness the Museum" is Kerstin Smeds, Professor of Museology, Umeå Univ...

Designing acoustic devices using thin materials

Acoustic devices like mufflers and loudspeakers are all around us. In the design of such devices, computer simulations and numerical optimisation algorithms are becoming increasingly useful in order to shorten the product development time and decreas...

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