Arctic seminar 21 October 2017

When HM King Carl XVI Gustaf celebrated his 70th birthday in 2016, Umeå University honoured him with a gift – a scientific seminar. The theme of the seminar is the Arctic – a highly topical issue – not least because of the climate changes that pose a substantial threat to the world we live in.

Today, Earth is warmer than it has been for a thousand years, and the increase is most pressing in the Arctic. The causes can hugely be correlated to the carbon dioxide emissions caused by man, and the consequences are devastating. The Greenland ice sheet is melting at a rapid speed, sea levels are rising, acidification of seas are increasing and natural disasters tend to increase in number and strength.

The seminar highlights the science research conducted at Umeå University focusing on climate change, out of which a big proportion is tied to the Abisko Scientific Research Station, and Climate Impacts Research Centre (CIRC) at Umeå University.


Time: Saturday 21 October, 14:00–15:00
Place: the Humanities Building, lecture hall G
Moderator: Dieter Müller, professor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Umeå University

The seminar is held in English.

14:00  Welcome

Hans Adolfsson, Vice-Chancellor of Umeå University

14:05  Setting Arctic Environmental Change in a Global Context 

John Anderson, professor at Loughborough University, England, visiting professor at Umeå University, and holder of the HM King Carl XVI Gustaf Professorship of Environmental Science 2017-18 at Umeå University

14:30  Cryoecology: How Arctic Ecosystems Matter for Our Changing Climate

Ellen Dorrepaal, senior lecturer, Department of Ecology and Environmental Science at Umeå University.

14:45  Worming of the Arctic

Jonatan Klaminder, senior lecturer, Department of Ecology and Environmental Science at Umeå University.

15:00  Closing

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Setting Arctic Environmental Change in a Global Context

John Anderson, miljöprofessor vid Umeå universitet.John Anderson

The Arctic is changing rapidly under pressure from increasing temperatures and other stressors, such as atmospheric pollution. It is therefore necessary to take a more holistic perspective of recent change and also see the Arctic in its global context. I will illustrate some of the key processes by reference to our work in south-west Greenland and their relevance for understanding future changes.

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Cryoecology: how arctic ecosystems matter for our changing climate

Ellen Dorrepaal, Umeå universitet.Ellen Dorrepaal

Arctic tundra are the coldest ecosystems of our planet and have long acted as cooling elements for our climate. In this lecture, I will explain how interactions among plants and between plants and soil-microbes regulate the responses of treeline and permafrost ecosystems to climate change and thus their feedback to our climate.

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Worming of the Arctic

Jonatan Klaminder, Umeå universitet.Jonatan Klaminder

Did you learn that earthworms are positive for the environment? If so, you are not alone. In this presentation, I will explain why Earthworms released from anthropogenic sources may pose a potent threat to the most protected arctic environments in Northern Europe.

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