Masters Fall Exhibitions

Date: 2017-11-03—2017-11-11
Location: Konsthögskolans galleri, Östra Strandgatan 32
The event is for: students - anyone - employees

In Käll’s work the material acts as a central mediator between her, things and viewer. In a bigger picture you could say it is an investigation of how to understand existence through material, sculptures and installations. By using everyday-objects and recognized shapes, she processes and dislocate these, suggesting an offset state from the habitual vision. Things are opened for reconsideration. Humor, craft and imagination with traces of memory, gravity and longing, all plays a role in her installations.

In this exhibition you step into a setting. The receptionist is showing the direction to a table where a meeting is situated, or has ended or is a model for a planned one in the future or just right now. On the table there is an assortment of things which are functional and in use, so to say, and other more for decoration and help for the planning. Some important parts are a map, tiger-bones and an oracle. The setting is an attempt to reach beyond the language and materials, through the materials, into the situation.


The way Mangrané conceives images is very much influenced by her painting practice developed in the past years. She experiments with the relationship between perception and reality of the natural elements in their dialog with space, moving from the detail to the wholeness, playing with scale, time and rhythms of natural phenomena.

She’s interested in our fantasied relation to nature and the sublime. How do representations of landscapes affects the construction of identity? She questions how perception works by moving between reality and fiction.

In the show video and sculpture interact creating a dialog between objects and materials, the real and the representation. These objects in the exhibition space become subjects, narrators and performers.


Skats’ series Blind Paintings consist of dark paintings in tones of black, blue, purple, red and orange with various vague forms. They show images experienced with closed eyes at different moments of the day, mostly at night before falling asleep. The paintings deal with the idea of the reconstruction of memories, the subjective experience of the objective.

The paintings draw attention to the obscure parts of visual experience. They are showing the viewer an image of the body, an image without any socially or philosophically constructed meaning. The image as a registration of the biological function of the eyes made by consciousness at a specific moment. An idea that hints at the perceived split of body and mind.

The paintings shows that the embodiment of time and memory, objective historical truths, always goes through a subjective filter. Where the paintings serves as a stand-in, a representation and presence of time and memory being absent in physical form.

Organizer: Konsthögskolan
Contact person: Robert Djärv
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Event type: Exhibition
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