IceLab Lunch Pitch at KBC

Date: 2017-11-28
Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Location: KBC-huset, Focus environment
The event is for: students - employees


On Tuesday, November 28th, at 12:00, the second lunch pitch will take place in the new KBC Focus Environment.

First pitcher:
Hardy Hall, Umeå Plant Science Centre, UPSC

Title of his pitch:
Sharing my Matlab analysis pipeline with the world – a biologist’s pipeline dream

Webpage UPSC

Second pitcher:
Keith Larson, Ecology and Environmental Science, EMG, and Climate Impact Research Centre, CIRC

Title of his pitch:
Making your science matter

Webpage Keith Larson at EMG

Webpage of CIRC

Webpage of IceLab

How to find the KBC Focus Environment

We gather a diverse crowd and a researcher gets about five minutes and minimum number of slides to pitch an open problem in her research, reaching out for complementing expertise and collaboration. We will provide for free as fancy food as we can given the university rules for internal representation, and spend the rest of the time brainstorming in smaller groups. In this way, you will spend your lunch in a fun and productive way, and potentially open new avenues for research at the university.

Book your sandwich for 28th November (latest on 27th November 12.00)

More last lunch pitch will be organised on Tuesday, 12 December.

If you would be interested in pitching an open problem, please add your name to the dates that work for you:

or contact the organiser of the lunch pitches, Martin Rosvall, by Email,

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Pitchers: Hardy Hall and Keith Larson
Organizer: IceLab
Contact person: Martin Rosvall
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Event type: Other
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