Dada and the Yiddish culture of Eastern European Jews,

Date: 2018-03-25
Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Location: Bildmuseet
The event is for: students - anyone - employees

Dada and the Yiddish culture of Eastern European Jews, a lecture by Tom Sandqvist, art historian, professor of art theory, and author of, among other books, Dada Öst: Rumänerna på Cabaret Voltaire [Dada East: The Romanians at Cabaret Voltaire]. Free admission. Lecture language: Swedish.

Dada - perhaps the most well-known of the modernist art movements, at the time widely considered scandalous - is said to have started at Cabaret Voltaire during a literary evening in Zürich February 5th 1916. But Dada didn't emerge all of a sudden and fully developed.

In his lecture, Tom Sandqvist will talk about how the Dada movement evolved from a lively artistic tradition in Eastern Europe - especially Romania - and came to Zürich with a group of Romanian modernists that fled from the war. Among them was Tristan Tzara, who coined the term 'Dada'.

It was no coincident that so many of the first Dadaists where Romanians, Tom Sandqvist concludes. He traces the origin of Dada to sources like Symbolism, Futurism, and Folklore and emphasizes the relationship between modernist Romanians and the Yiddish tradition in Eastern Europe.

The lecture is part of the programme to Bildmuseets exhibition Dada is Dada.

Organizer: Bilmduseet
Contact person: Bildmuseet
Phone: 0907867400
Event type: Lecture
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