Humlab Talks: Martin Sahlin, Coldwood Interactive

Date: 2018-05-18
Time: 10:15 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Humlab X – Konstnärligt campus
The event is for: students - anyone - employees

Games are a uniquely powerful form of cultural expression. They can grab you, move you and totally immerse you in an experience like no other art form can. That immersive quality could be used to do some real good, like building empathy and understanding, if more games just tried to be a little nicer.

This talk is about that, and about how Coldwood used empathy as a game mechanic in 'Unravel'; how they tried to make people fall in love, so they could break their hearts a bit, and then set everything right again.  


Humlab Talks är en seminarieserie med inbjudna talare som lyfter aktuella ämnen inom området informationsteknik, kultur och humaniora. Talarna är till stor del forskare eller doktorander men även till viss del från branschen.

Alla är välkomna! Ingen anmälan krävs. 

Lecturer: Martin Sahlin
Organizer: Humlab
Contact person: Jon Svensson
Event type: Seminar
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