The City as a Narrative

Date: 2013-01-20
Time: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Location: Bildmuseet
The event is for: students - anyone - employees

The City as a Narrative, a roundtable discussion and presentations with the curator collective Rakett, Oslo and the artist group Expodium, Utrecht. In conjunction with the exhibition Communitas.

Drawing on their experiences from projects in different cities Rakett and Expodium will present projects and thoughts around how to critically relate to the urban environments. How can one actively relate to the layered geographies of our cities? During the roundtable and the presentations they will introduce methods and activities to enhance the perception of our environments, to better be aware of the dynamic relationship between the hardware and software of the city. Criticality in dealing with and relating our own bodies to urban surroundings can be enhanced by supplying individual and collective observatory skills.

As part of the presentation Rakett will show some art projects that are a part of the newly released Art as Protagonist 2 publication. These projects deal with city transformation processes and particularly questioning how to negotiate with the built environment. The publication is part of the exhibition project Common Lands - Allmannaretten that took the urban development in Bjørvika, Oslo as its starting point to highlight a number of issues associated with democracy, power, waterfront developments, access to and distribution of land.

Expodium has gained extended knowledge from their work and research in Detroit, Utrecht, Incheon and most recently in Belgrade. With this background they will present and relate to their perceptions of Umeå. They will also introduce NIGHTWALKERS: a system of collective research and a playful method of critically engaging the urban environment and its transition processes.

After the talk Expodium invites you to join them on an explorative evening walk in Umeå: NIGHTWALKERS_UMEA #01: The City and Its Double


Organizer: Bildmuseet
Contact person: Bildmuseet
Phone: 090-786 7400
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Event type: Lecture
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