Umeå Neural Network (UNN) mini-symposium

Date: 2013-01-16
Time: 12:15 PM - 6:00 PM
Location: KBC-huset, KB3B1
The event is for: students - employees

Invitation and programme (updated version)

The format will be a series of short talks presented by students, postdocs or PI’s during the afternoon of 16th January. This format is designed to get an overview of the ongoing neuroscience-related research in Umeå, while providing an opportunity for interaction, collaboration and learning. We will also have a poster session/reception followed by a dinner giving plenty of time to discuss science and potential collaborations. We hope the poster session will provide an opportunity for PhD students and postdocs to present their work to a broad audience. PhD students attending the meeting will be credited with 1.5 ECTS towards their training programs.

Please let us know the following information by latest by 7th January if you and your lab members would like to attend.

1) Names of people attending (and lab group affiliation)
2) Name of presenter for the talk session together with a title.
3) Name of presenters for the poster session
4) Will you attend the dinner and if so, any particular food restrictions?

To register please email:

Organizer: Umeå Neural Network (UNN)
Contact person: Paul Kingham
Event type: Seminar
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