Upcoming Conferences at Umeå University

May 2018

29 May at 09:00–12:05

MIMS/UCMR Mini-Symposium 29 May 2018

Conference Welcome to the 3rd MIMS/UCMR-Mini-Symposium of this year! Presentations by the Oliver Billker, Barbara Sixt, Gemma Atkinson, Linda Sandblad and the MIMS/UCMR Postdoctoral Fellows Christian Pett, Hiraku Takada, Ravendra Nagampalli, Dharmedra Kumar Soni, Rajender Kumar.

30 May–31 May

How to 3d-print a wooden home

Conference Join us to explore innovation in housing through new ideas, tools and materials. Do it in an international and cross-disciplinary setting. Be inspired by leading thinkers and makers and interact with peers from research and industry as we strengthen our cluster around large-scale biobased additive and digital manufacturing.

30 May–31 May

Umeå Cell Biology Symposium 2018

Conference The first interdisciplinary Umeå Cell Biology Symposium!

June 2018

25 June–27 June

The Fifth International Conference on Climate, Tourism and Recreation

Conference Scholars and experts from around the world are invited to explore recent developments in tourism climatology at the Fifth International Conference on Climate, Tourism and Recreation - CCTR 2018 - during the extended daylight of the Swedish Midsummer times.

October 2018

8 October–9 October

1st Annual CryoNet Symposium, Copenhagen

Conference 1st Annual CryoNet Symposium, Copenhagen; Experts in CryoEM share their knowledge with the Scandinavian cryoEM Network

24 October–25 October

Controversial Societal Issues in Education and Democracy

Conference Umeå Research Centre for Social Studies Didactics (UmSOD) invites you to a Nordic research conference at Umeå University.

November 2018

6 November–7 November

KBC Days 2018