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October 2017

2 October at 09:00–16:30

Game Work: Research Methods and Preservation for the Future

Workshop An academic field concerned with digital games has grown strongly during the last two decades. Sprouting up from humanities, social sciences and design research, game studies has produced analytical instruments that are useful for exploring various manifestations of play within the contemporary society.

10 October–12 October

From muscular to brain power in the future factory

Workshop Volvo Group Trucks Operations, Umeå, in collaboration with Sliperiet invites participants from a wide range of relevant disciplines to work together to come up with concepts and ideas of the digital future for the industrial worker.

16 October at 09:00–17:00

CodeRefinery workshop in Umeå

Workshop Do you want to develop professional software? Then you should register for the CodeRefinery workshop in Umeå: Teaching researchers in sustainable software development.

16 October–18 October

Life on Earth and in the Universe Current State and Future Visions

Workshop The Annual Meeting of the Swedish Astrobiology Network (SWAN), 16-18 October 2017, at Umeå University, in Umeå, Sweden.

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