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May 2018

9 February at 12:00–13:00

Umeå Arctic Seminar February 2018

Seminar Arcum invites to a seminar on Friday, February 9, 12.00-13.00 at Universitetsklubben, Umeå. Anna Zachrisson, researcher at the Department of Political Sciences, Umeå University, will hold a talk on "Pathways to Sustainability in Mining: Coping with Conflicts".

9 February–20 February


Exhibition A group exhibition by students in the first year of the Master Programme.

9 February at 17:00–21:00

Art Friday and Theater / MaMa Dada!

Other Friday at Bildmuseet with art, bar and free admission. This Friday also a theatre about the female dadaists in the Dada is Dada exhibition (5th floor at 19:00), but to see that you will need a ticket.

11 February at 14:00–15:00

Guest Tour / Dada – to make a difference

Other Art Historian Ann-Catrine Eriksson and theatre historian Christina Sven at Umeå University gives a talk in conjunction to the Dada is Dada exhibition.

13 February at 09:00–17:00

Hälsa på campus

Other As a part of our endeavour to promote health and wellness at Umeå University, the Umeå School of Sports Sciences offers the event Health on Campus twice per year. On Tuesday 13 February, Universum will be packed with healthy activities aimed at students and members of staff at Umeå University. And naturally, everything is free of charge.

13 February at 12:00–13:00

For the love of new ideas - lunch pitch at KBC

Other 1st Pitcher Sara Wilson - 2nd Pitcher Charlotte Häger

13 February at 18:00–22:00

Public opening at Umevatoriet - Tuesdays 6-10 PM

Other Would you like to embark on a virtual tour of the cosmos, look at the night sky through a telescope and learn more about the universe? Everybody is welcome to visit Umevatoriet - Umeå’s planetarium and science center - every Tuesday evening.

14 February at 10:20–12:00

Öppen Föreläsning Konungens Miljöprofessur - Climate Impacts on Northern Lakes

Lecture Open Lecture - Konungens miljöprofessur - under participation of H.M. Konung Carl XVI Gustaf

14 February at 16:00–21:00

FabLab Sliperiet Wednesdays 16-21

Other Welcome to FabLab, a Fabrication Laboratory open for anyone who wants to manufacture almost anything. Here you will be able to try out digital tools like 3D printers, sewing machines, laser cutters and software for drawings and patterns. No previous knowledge is needed and it's free to come here.

15 February at 09:00–17:00

Arcum Match Making Day

Other ARCUM cordially invites you to meet and to communicate your ongoing or future research with an Arctic/Northern approach with colleagues from all faculties. All participants will give a 5-10 minutes’ presentation on his/her research followed by questions.

16 February at 17:00–21:00

Art Friday with Walk and Talk

Other Art Friday at Bildmuseet with art, bar and free admission. This Friday also a "Walk and Talk" through the exhibitions at 19:00, if you like to discuss the art works with others. Exhibitions, museum shop and restaurant are open until 21:00.

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