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Pale Honey

Thursday 3 September


The minimalist rock duo Pale Honey has, thanks to its self-titled debut album, come in high favour among critics. The first single “Youth” was well-received in the UK, and at home the song was played over and over again on the radio channel P3 and it also topped the student radio charts.

Pale Honey consists of Tuva Lodmark and Nelly Daltrey who found each other already in their early teens at school. Something made them click. Often, they found themselves skiving off a class to play music instead. Together, they have developed their own little world of sounds and now get a chance to express it through Pale Honey. 

The music is nicely relaxed at the same time as it upholds a clear and evident intensity. You don't have to question why they sound like they do or how they get to be so sincere and nonchalant at the same time. It's just obvious.

"A White Stripesian voice-drums-guitar sparseness... brilliant" Sunday Times Culture

"Pale Honey gives the 90s a new life" Håkan Steen, Aftonbladet


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Abalone Dots

Wednesday 14 October

Ljusgården atrium, Teacher Education Building

Abalone Dots are now back after three years of silence – but on their own terms. The new album is more brutal and moves closer to the indie pop genre making the bands political views even more evident as humanism and solidarity are subjects touched upon in the lyrics.

The new album, Red, has developed on its own. Louise Holmer, Sophia Hogman and Rebecka Hjukström have all undertaken studies on the side of their music careers and after more than a decade of music playing together, they are now on their own without a record company behind them.

Abalone Dots are some of Sweden’s most frequently hired artists and have worked with Marit Bergman, Lisa Miskovsky, Lars Winnerbäck, Kalle Moraeus and some of the biggest names in Nashville only to name a few. Their debut album, "From A Safe Distance", was released in 2007 and received great reviews by critics and a warm welcome by the audience as it climbed straight up to seventh position of the album charts.

The album was also picked up on the other side of the Atlantic which resulted in four American tours in 2008 to 2011, rendering them a sound Americana name.

We hope to see you there!


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Jens Lapidus

Tuesday20 October

Ljusgården atrium, Teacher Education Building

Jens Lapidus (born in 1974) lives in Stockholm and is a lawyer at one of the foremost law firms in Sweden, Försvarsadvokaterna, focusing on criminal law. In 2006, Jens Lapidus made his literary debut with Easy Money (Sw. Snabba cash), which became one of the 21st century’s most talked of and most sold books. Easy Money was sold in thirty countries, among them the US and Britain, and was made into film by the director Daniel Espinosa.

The sequel Never Fuck Up (Sw. Aldrig fucka upp) from May 2008 was written in the same raw style and manages to capture the criminals’ inner thoughts. Inspired by James Ellroy, Jens Lapidus creates his own genre – Stockholm Noir. What Ellroy does to the 1950s Los Angeles, Lapidus does to Stockholm in present-day time. And the bad guys are in full focus.

In Lapidus’ visit to Culture on Campus, he talks about his latest novel STHLM Delete, which is a continuation of last year’s success novel, The VIP room (Sw. VIP-rummet).

Again we meet Emelie and Teddy, the unlikely duo from Jens Lapidus’ success The VIP room. She is a lawyer in a law firm with quite some class. He is an ex-con trying to stay on the right side of the law, now as the law firm’s special investigator. In STHLM Delete the characters are dragged further and further into a tangle of offshoots in the different worlds of Stockholm, where history is in the present and threatens all parties involved.

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