The police education moves to campus

[2015-12-14] In spring 2016, the first sod will be cut for the new building devoted to the police students at Umeå University. When the longed-for building is in place in autumn 2017, the Basic Training Programme for Police Officers that started in 2000 can finally move all their premises to Campus Umeå.

“We are very pleased about the decision to give the police programme its own building where education and research can be brought closer to one another. It also gives a clear signal about our investment to make the police programme a part of Umeå University,” says Vice-Chancellor Lena Gustafsson.

The police training in Umeå has, since its start in 2000, offered education in premises spread out over several locations across the city – at campus but also at Umestan business park.

“By re-locating to campus, the entire organisation will be integrated with the university. It simplifies our logistics incredibly, but, first and foremost, it is good news and a step in the right direction towards a better dialogue. Both police students and staff will get closer to the rest of the university, and also to university facilities such as the university library and other dynamic environments on Campus Umeå,” says Lars-Erik Lauritz, director of the Police Education Unit at Umeå University.

Credit: Tengbom
Credit: Tengbom

With the new building for police education at campus, Umeå University and Akademiska hus also wants to provide a better basis for meetings between the police programme and the other study programmes at the university. A first step in that direction was taken when Umeå University, as the first higher education institution in Sweden, gave police students the opportunity to be credited with ECTSs and earn a degree from autumn 2015.

“The move is expected to bring new creative processes to life regarding undergraduate studies, advanced studies and research. It is also in line with the national development of making university studies mandatory for new police officers,” continues Lars-Erik Lauritz.

Placement of the new building for police education.The new building will be positioned next to the Northern Behavioural Sciences Building and will cover three floors. The premises will contain lecture halls, offices and areas for practice. The new building will comprise around 6,200 m2 and requires an investment of SEK 165 million. According to Akademiska Hus’ sustainability targets, the new building will be certified according to Miljöbyggnad Silver, the second highest level of sustainability in a three-part certification programme. However, the sustainability target for energy consumption will be Miljöbyggnad Guld, the topmost level.

“We are overjoyed to build premises for the police programme on Campus Umeå. It helps us in our efforts to densify and create a more lively campus area. It also becomes an appreciated contribution to the development of the university city,” says David Carlsson, regional director of the northern Swedish branch of Akademiska Hus AB.

The build is planned to start in February 2016 and the completion of the new building is expected in late autumn 2017.

About the Basic Training Programme for Police Officers:

Police training is conducted at the following Swedish locations:

  • Linnaeus University in Växjö (since 2001)
  • Södertörn University in Stockholm (since 2015)
  • Umeå University (since 2000)

At present, the police programme in Umeå accepts 75 students per term (autumn and spring), and has in total around 300 full-time equivalents.

For more information, please contact:

Lars-Erik Lauritz, director of the Police Education Unit
Phone: +46 90-786 63 92

David Carlsson, regional director of the northern Swedish branch of Akademiska Hus AB
Phone: +46 70-646 31 19

Malin Ferm, press officer at Akademiska Hus
Phone: +46 70-616 24 18

Editor: Anna Lawrence

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