Construction between Umeå East Station and Campus

In order to make it easier and safer to travel around Umeå University, Norrlands University Hospital and Umeå East Station, the area will be reconstructed starting in May 2011.

Updated: 6 February 2012 - New Bus Terminal Opened

On Monday, February 6, a new bus terminal opened between the hospital’s northern entrance and hotel Björken. All bus routes going via the university hospital will stop at the new terminal. On the same day, the new waiting hall opened at the northern entrance, where you can also buy bus tickets.

About the construction work

The construction work includes pedestrian walkways, bicycle paths, motor vehicle roads and bus streets, bus terminal and ambulance entrance and will result in improved access to the hospital area, university campus grounds and the train station. The work is expected to finish in autumn 2012.

Reduced access – including bicyclists and pedestrians

During the period of renovation the construction area will be partially open for traffic, but at times pedestrian walkways, bicycle paths and streets will to be closed off with highly reduced accessibility as a result.

Temporary road closure

In order to change the sewage drainage and to build a new roundabout (traffic circle), the road between the hospital and hotel Björken will be closed for traffic. (Click the map below for a larger image) 

Map of the new hospital area bus terminal

The map displays all roads and paths for pedestrians, cyclists and motor vechicles, as well as parking access around the construction area around the hospital during the summer and autumn of 2012.

Trees to be preserved

The area between Hotel Björken and the northern entrance of Norrlands University Hospital has around 25 birch and Swedish whitebeam trees that will be moved in order to later be replanted in the new corridor area. The trees will be an important aspect of the reconstructed area and will create green pathways and give character from the outset.

EU co-funded project

The project is an EU project that is co-funded by Umeå University, Umeå Municipality and Västerbotten County Council.

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Daniel Naezéns gata

The new street from Umeå East Station to Campus Umeå will be called Daniel Naezéns gata.

Daniel Naezén (1752-1808) was a pioneer for health care in northern Sweden and helped build the first hospital in Umeå in 1785.

This is how it will look!


Click on the image for a larger view.

A montage by Umeå Municipality.

Traffic area map