Postdoctoral fellowship (100%) in experimental biomedical research at the Department of Integrative Medical Biology

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A postdoctoral fellowship in experimental biomedical research is now available at The Laboratory of Experimental Ophthalmology and Musculoskeletal Research at the Department of Integrative Medical Biology, Umeå University. The project is funded by the national Swedish Research Council (VR).

Description of the position:
We are looking for an enterprising postdoc, with great bench-experience from experimental biomedical research, to perform studies on the pathophysiology of different conditions affecting epithelium and connective tissues, with emphasis on the cornea of the eye. Our research team focuses on mechanistic aspects of wound healing in epithelium and connective tissue, and of collagen scar formation, more particularly the role of the collagen producing cells. We aim at unravelling intra- and intercellular signalling pathways that may be targets for future drugs interfering with wound healing and scar forming processes, particularly in the cornea. The role of the collagen producing cells in wound healing is evaluated in vitro, in a three-dimensional cell culture model, as well as in vivo in an animal model.

The role of the new postdoc in the project will be to conduct experimental corneal research studies under the supervision of the group leader (the professor who is PI of this project) and the assistant group leader (assoc. prof.), as well as to support junior staff in adjoining projects (preferably studies on similar tissues within the musculoskeletal system). The fellowship will include a lot of challenging laboratory tasks. Furthermore, the candidate will have the opportunity to plan and carry out experiments to test own ideas as well as to participate in advanced data analysis. The research is performed in collaboration with clinical researchers at the Dept of Clinical Science, Ophthalmology, at the University Hospital of Umeå, as well as with researchers at the Shandong Eye Institute, Quingdao, China, and the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

To receive the fellowship the applicant must have a doctoral degree (PhD), preferably not more than three years old, although applicants with an older degree than three years can also be considered.

We are looking for a talented and motivated candidate with a record of productive research, and the ability to be independent as well as part of a team. A strong background in molecular biology/biomedicine and/or bioengineering is highly desirable, in particular ample experience of molecular/biochemical laboratory techniques and experience from cell cultures. It is presupposed that the candidate masters scientific English and have good general communication skills in English (written and verbal). The candidate’s collaborative skills and suitability for the project are especially considered in the assessment of the candidate's qualifications.

Application for the position should include:

  1. A short cover letter (not more than 1 page) to include a brief summary of your research experience and interests, and a short statement telling why you are interested in this fellowship.
  2. Curriculum Vitae including: copies of appropriate certificates, list of scientific publications, list of technical expertise, education, and names and contact information for at least two reference persons.

For questions, contact Assistant Group Leader, Assoc. Professor Ludvig Backman, E-mail:

Project title: “Mechanisms of wound-healing and scar-formation in the human cornea”. PI: Professor Patrik Danielson, MD, PhD

The fellowship is for two years. Starting date January 1, 2018 or according to agreement.

Other information:
Union information is available from SACO +46 (0)90-786 53 65, SEKO civil +46 (0)90-786 52 96 and ST +46 (0)90-786 54 31.

Your complete application, marked with reference number FS 2.1.6-2021-17, should be sent to (state the reference number as subject) to arrive December 20th, 2017 at the latest.

We look forward to receiving your application!

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