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[2014-12-18] Grants from FORTE
[2014-12-17] Climate issues must be on the agenda
[2014-12-16] Beyond the Classroom
[2014-12-16] Join the struggle against neurodegenerative diseases
[2014-12-16] New position with focus on Database Systems
[2014-12-15] Johan Tordsson appointed Associate Professor
[2014-12-12] Piotr Matyba appointed Gunnar Öquist Fellow
[2014-12-12] The Danish Research Foundation honours Gunnar Öquist
[2014-12-11] Major Viking Hall Identified in Sweden
[2014-12-11] New issue of Education Inquiry (Vol 5, No 4, 2014)
[2014-12-10] Carola Wiklund Hörnqvist thesis defence
[2014-12-04] Affordances and Design
[2014-12-04] 7T magnet has landed in Lund
[2014-11-28] Welcome to Arts Campus Research Days, 1-2 December
[2014-11-28] A Consensus on the Brain Training Industry from the Scientific Community
[2014-11-26] Faculty of Arts Doctoral Conference 2014
[2014-11-25] Rotman 2015 conference
[2014-11-25] Överaktiv hjärna gör gamla glömska
[2014-11-25] Isolation of important centres in the brain results in age-related memory deficits
[2014-11-25] Graphene produces more efficient transport of a semiconducting polymer film
[2014-11-25] Celebrating 20 Years
[2014-11-24] Progress and Hygiene
[2014-11-21] Kirunatopia – Art on Landscapes and Resources in Northern Sweden and Lusatia
[2014-11-21] Breakthrough Researcher from Umeå University on BBC World News
[2014-11-17] Resting-state workshop December 3rd in Stockholm.
[2014-11-14] Professor at Umeå University appointed Honorary Consul
[2014-11-14] Announcement of funding from Gösta Skoglund International Fund
[2014-11-14] CFP: Challenge the Past/ Diversify the Future
[2014-11-14] Urban Ekman dissertation
[2014-11-14] Semninar in test-enhanced learning

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