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[2016-10-21] UCMR Mini-symposium "Structural dynamics of biological membranes", 27th October 2016, KBC
[2016-10-21] Grants Office information - autumn 2016
[2016-10-21] New book: "Encyclopedia of the Barents Region"
[2016-10-21] Call for UCMR Linnaeus Program Gender Policy Support Grants
[2016-10-19] Highlights at the Umeå University Annual Celebration
[2016-10-16] Bioinformatics Longterm Support Call: deadline for the next round of applications to be reviewed by the national evaluation committee is FRIDAY OCTOBER 28th, 2016 (24:00).
[2016-10-15] Inspiring students on their individual journeys into architecture
[2016-10-14] Millions into studying the use of robotics in geriatric care
[2016-10-13] Attention international students - we want your feedback!
[2016-10-13] TIME mentions Umeå incontinence exercise app
[2016-10-12] Cycle superhighway on campus soon reality
[2016-10-12] Static electricity can control nanoballoon
[2016-10-11] International Days with a Global Village aims to promote studies abroad
[2016-10-10] It takes patience to restore watercourses
[2016-10-07] Lacking respect of rules behind Macchiarini case
[2016-10-07] International Days - Study Abroad Fair for students
[2016-10-06] Umevatoriet 10 years – come celebrate!
[2016-10-05] Heroic honorary doctor with strong ties to Umeå
[2016-10-05] Three research projects share SEK 94 million
[2016-10-05] Antiviral protein hampers TBE virus
[2016-10-04] New signage for the KBC building
[2016-10-04] Fundings from Punktum
[2016-10-03] Åsa Gunnarsson inbjuden till workshop ledd av Margot Wallström
[2016-09-30] FairTax research presented at the Università Politecnica delle Marche
[2016-09-30] Mosquito-borne Rift Valley fever virus causes miscarriage
[2016-09-28] Allergy antibodies a target for potential treatment to delay diabetes progression
[2016-09-26] World-class laboratory in laser optics being built at campus
[2016-09-23] First call for the 3rd Learning and Plasticity-meeting, April 2-5, 2017, Äkäslompolo, Finland.
[2016-09-21] When, where and how is ice formed in northern streams?
[2016-09-21] Researchers invited to Nordic Book Fair

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