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[2017-02-22] New method reveals how proteins stabilize the cell surface
[2017-02-21] Negative health impact of economic recession unevenly distributed in Spain
[2017-02-20] Body and brain timing can be trained
[2017-02-16] A Financial Transaction Tax might contribute to the closing of sustainability gaps in the EU budget
[2017-02-16] Mosquito net better for groin hernia at no extra cost
[2017-02-16] Winners and losers: climate change will shift vegetation
[2017-02-16] Seminar on Friday February 17, 13:15, Sensorimotor control: from single-neuron signals to advanced behavior.
[2017-02-15] One fifth of Indonesian households exhibit double burden of malnutrition
[2017-02-14] Umeå University gets top marks once again from international students
[2017-02-14] Åforsk Foundation praises popular professor
[2017-02-13] Seminar on exposure to online hate
[2017-02-13] Treatment has no sufficient effect in 1 of 5 psoriasis patients
[2017-02-09] New study identifies critical factors for mercury methylation in lakes
[2017-02-08] Umeå University hosts symposium about infectious diseases of our time
[2017-02-08] “When he talked about global health, the world listened”
[2017-02-07] Malaria control efforts can benefit from forecasting using satellites
[2017-02-06] Study highlights importance of weight stability to reduce type 2 diabetes
[2017-02-06] Northern lakes respond differently to nitrogen deposition
[2017-02-06] Extractive industries have negative impacts on Indigenous peoples
[2017-02-03] Sami jubilee celebrated on campus
[2017-02-03] New collaboration within the area of ICT, media and learning
[2017-02-03] Danuše Nerudová presented sustainability oriented future EU-funding to the European Parliament
[2017-02-02] What to learn from a failed (?) Swedish tax compliance project
[2017-02-01] Welcome to the first joint international Symposium of the Swedish cryo-EM Facility at SciLifeLab and Umeå University
[2017-02-01] 72 hour exchange in Seoul for Umeå students
[2017-02-01] More river water decreases the coastal sea production
[2017-01-31] Master studies widens the perspectives on architecture
[2017-01-31] BBC reports on climate research in Umeå
[2017-01-31] Wallenberg Foundation gives SEK 20 million to Umevatoriet
[2017-01-31] TEDxUmeå 2017 is looking for speakers

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