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[2015-05-25] Music Tech Fest Scandinavia at Sliperiet
[2015-05-22] Media are not social, but people are
[2015-05-22] Niklas Zechner has defended his licentiate thesis
[2015-05-21] Memory improvement after weight loss
[2015-05-21] People with Depression May Be More Likely to Develop Parkinson’s Disease
[2015-05-21] Designing microwave devices from scratch using computer simulations
[2015-05-20] Tommy Olsson director of new medical research centre
[2015-05-20] Light-emitting fork made with sprayed LEC technology
[2015-05-19] Symposium on aging in June
[2015-05-19] Nerve cells use each other as maps
[2015-05-19] Public participation does not lead to increased democracy
[2015-05-13] Cognition and Experience
[2015-05-12] Environmental sciences student receives Global Swede Award
[2015-05-12] Historical land use important factor for carbon cycling in northern lakes
[2015-05-12] Umeå-based researcher presents Ebola report in Sierra Leone
[2015-05-12] Arts Project: Record Your Phone Call
[2015-05-11] PhD Student Day May 2015
[2015-05-11] PhD Student Day
[2015-05-11] FADC Workshop: Tricks and short-cuts
[2015-05-06] Parallel health systems create insecurities in low and middle income countries
[2015-05-05] Umeå University highly rated by the Swedish Research Council
[2015-05-04] PNU student named winner in Korea scholarship competition
[2015-05-04] Umeå University ranked among world’s best young universities
[2015-04-30] Umeå Academy of Fine Arts' Graduation Exhibition
[2015-04-30] Research grants and postdoc scholarship from Hjärnfronden
[2015-04-29] Addis Standard: Health program improves pregnancy and delivery care in Ethiopia
[2015-04-29] Umeå University rises in international subjects ranking
[2015-04-27] PhD student in Statistics
[2015-04-27] Digital marketing Day
[2015-04-23] A minute’s silence for student victims in Kenya

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