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[2016-06-23] IceLab organizes creative camp for young scientists
[2016-06-22] Active student ­participation — but increased ­competition
[2016-06-22] Student Virtual Reality project makes film
[2016-06-21] Lisa travelled 1,300 km to spread awareness of ALS
[2016-06-20] EM Symposium at KBC, 22-23 September 2016
[2016-06-20] New issue of Education Inquiry (Vol 7, No 2, 2016)
[2016-06-14] More effective approach to show changes in human metabolism with molecular maps
[2016-06-13] New FairTax results presented at NOeG-SEA 2016
[2016-06-13] UPSC Berzelii Centre becomes Vinnova Competence Centre
[2016-06-13] Grant for research on environmental innovations from the Kamprad Family Foundation
[2016-06-10] Southern Europe risks Zika outbreaks this summer
[2016-06-09] Guest blog at Blogactiv: EU Taxes as Genuine Own Resource to Finance the EU Budget
[2016-06-08] Nelson Gekara awarded Fernström Prize
[2016-06-08] Constructions on the Medical Biology Centre now kick off
[2016-06-08] Air pollution affects young people’s psychiatric health
[2016-06-07] NPR: Umeå researcher in American radio on Zika and the Olympics
[2016-06-03] Umeå School of Business and Economics Graduation Ceremony 2016
[2016-06-02] When “smart” apps become smart for real
[2016-06-02] Genetic diversity important for plant survival when nitrogen inputs increase
[2016-06-02] Differences in how ALS affects eye and limb muscles may provide important clues
[2016-06-01] Perceived values of education from young people’s perspectives
[2016-06-01] Award winning FairTax paper investigates a sustainable European carbon-based flight ticket tax
[2016-05-31] Maintenance work on Office 365 between June 7-27
[2016-05-31] Research funding from the Kamprad Family Foundation
[2016-05-31] Community interventions to close epilepsy treatment gap cost-effective
[2016-05-30] Successful celebration at the Graduation Ceremony
[2016-05-30] When is a model sufficiently good to replace animal testing?
[2016-05-30] New book: "Visiting the Visitor"
[2016-05-30] Telco Cloud: cloudy with a chance
[2016-05-30] Björn Adlerborn has defended his licentiate thesis

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