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[2016-05-26] Targeting metals to fight pathogenic bacteria
[2016-05-26] UPSC-Professor Named Forest Biotechnologist of the Year
[2016-05-25] Ecosystems with many and similar species can handle tougher environmental disturbances
[2016-05-24] Symposium about connections between social movements, memory, media and time
[2016-05-24] Olumuyiwa Ibidunmoye has defended his licentiate thesis
[2016-05-19] Vitamin E a potential biomarker for development of brain tumours
[2016-05-19] Extraterrestrial oceans – beneath the surface!
[2016-05-18] Informatics student receives Global Swede Award
[2016-05-18] PhD-course on Neuroimaging at KI Stockholm (October 2016).
[2016-05-18] Luminous proteins offer new method to discover viral infections
[2016-05-17] Signal proteins guide formation of sensory systems during embryonic development
[2016-05-16] Successful presentation of the first WP8 deliverable
[2016-05-16] Selenium deficiency linked to deadly heart disease affecting pregnant women
[2016-05-16] CutFEM: seeing the whole with the sum of the parts
[2016-05-16] Researchers show that four-stranded DNA is formed and unfolded
[2016-05-12] The Independent: Sarin nerve agent antidote is within reach, scientists reveal
[2016-05-12] Emotional and inspiring TEDxUmeå delivered
[2016-05-11] Viruses detected in Swedish mosquito larvae
[2016-05-11] Diabetic mice provide potential insights into diabetes development
[2016-05-10] Marie Lindkvist is awarded the USBE Teaching Award in 2016
[2016-05-09] New perspectives in the spotlight at TEDxUmeå
[2016-05-09] Radiotherapy halves deaths from prostate cancer 15 years after diagnosis
[2016-05-08] Seed financing for project ‘Developing the research (and educational) area Sustainable Housing’
[2016-05-04] Galina Biedenbach has received seed money from the USBE Research Institute
[2016-05-04] Aggregated protein in nerve cells can cause ALS
[2016-05-03] Unanimous Pro-Vice-Chancellor recommendation
[2016-05-03] New drug against nerve agents in sight
[2016-05-02] Group activities reduced depressive symptoms among older people with dementia
[2016-04-29] CRISPR enzyme scissors cutting both DNA and RNA
[2016-04-28] Hans Adolfsson will become new Vice-Chancellor

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