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[2016-09-28] Allergy antibodies a target for potential treatment to delay diabetes progression
[2016-09-26] World-class laboratory in laser optics being built at campus
[2016-09-23] First call for the 3rd Learning and Plasticity-meeting, April 2-5, 2017, Äkäslompolo, Finland.
[2016-09-21] Researchers invited to Nordic Book Fair
[2016-09-20] New professor with a passion for architecture in areas of political change and social deprivation
[2016-09-20] Training during first half of menstrual cycle most efficient
[2016-09-19] Coronary artery calcification and male gender most reliable indicators of significant narrowing
[2016-09-19] September 19, last day to register for the Development of the Human Brain Connectome symposium at Nobel Forum (September 22 2016)
[2016-09-18] “Every researcher has his or her own obsession. Mine is social justice”
[2016-09-16] The future of cranes are digital
[2016-09-16] EM Symposium at KBC, 22 September 2016
[2016-09-16] Art in the Nuclear Anthropocene at Bildmuseet
[2016-09-16] Better models to forecast effects of environmental change on food webs
[2016-09-15] Outside workers most likely to suffer heat-related mortality
[2016-09-14] The celebrations of the Sociology Department
[2016-09-14] Internationally Renowned Professor at the Department of Applied Educational Science and the Educational Measurement unit
[2016-09-13] ETC: Hon ska göra EU:s ekonomi rättvis och jämställd
[2016-09-12] Successful FairTax presentations at the 25th annual TRN conference
[2016-09-12] Exercise app reduces incontinence
[2016-09-12] Umeå Institute of Design ranked best in the world
[2016-09-09] Evolutionarily conserved enzyme play key role in DNA replication
[2016-09-09] Performance Weeks at Bildmuseet
[2016-09-09] Campus Umeå top ten on international list
[2016-09-09] New staff will work with NLAFET project
[2016-09-05] Sensory cells of the balance organ can regenerate after injury
[2016-09-05] New issue of Education Inquiry
[2016-09-05] Umeå researcher served a world first (?) CRISPR meal
[2016-09-05] New website for prospective students coming soon
[2016-09-05] New PhD training program in Social Robotics
[2016-09-02] The European Research Council funds brain research at Umeå University

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