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[2015-07-09] Northern databases and data repositories lift research on ageing and dementia
[2015-07-03] “Invisible” protein structure explains the power of enzymes
[2015-07-02] Travel awards to The Berlin School of Mind and Brain
[2015-06-30] Restored streams take 25 years or longer to recover
[2015-06-26] Sliperiet at Umeå University is starting a project: 3D printing houses
[2015-06-25] Formas grant for planning and optimizing route planning for forestry machines
[2015-06-24] Umeå University EC Jubilee Award 2015
[2015-06-23] Drugs for impotence do not increase risk of melanoma
[2015-06-23] Climate change could wipe out progress in health – or be a great global health opportunity
[2015-06-18] Emmanuelle Charpentier receives Gruber Foundation award
[2015-06-16] New issue of Education Inquiry (Vol 6, No 2, 2015)
[2015-06-15] Structural data reveals new mechanism behind protein transport
[2015-06-15] Sara Pudas receives grant from KVA
[2015-06-12] Students from Umeå Institute of Design win 6 awards at iF
[2015-06-12] Debate article: “The state rejects research in legal process against a Sami community”
[2015-06-12] Honorary doctors at the Faculty of Social Sciences
[2015-06-11] Honorary doctors at the Faculty of Medicine 2015
[2015-06-10] Visitors from Ethiopia
[2015-06-10] Increasing burden of non-communicable diseases
[2015-06-04] Umeå School of Business and Economics Graduation Ceremony 2015
[2015-06-03] Australian historian appointed honorary doctor at Umeå University
[2015-06-02] Visitors from University of Dar es Salaam Business School, Tanzania
[2015-05-29] Vietnamese Art at Bildmuseet this Summer
[2015-05-28] Umeå University holds inaugural master’s degree graduation ceremony
[2015-05-27] John Akomfrah / Vertigo Sea
[2015-05-25] Music Tech Fest Scandinavia at Sliperiet
[2015-05-22] Media are not social, but people are
[2015-05-22] Niklas Zechner has defended his licentiate thesis
[2015-05-21] Memory improvement after weight loss
[2015-05-21] People with Depression May Be More Likely to Develop Parkinson’s Disease

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