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[2016-02-11] Expanded understanding of promising blood fat-lowering protein
[2016-02-10] Seminar with Herman Stål on product service systems
[2016-02-08] Social Internet-based activities important for healthy ageing
[2016-02-08] Umeå University researchers help Europe fight spread of Zika virus
[2016-02-08] Will we ever talk to aliens?
[2016-02-04] 30 years of internationalisation
[2016-02-03] High risk of falling an early sign of Parkinson’s
[2016-02-02] Fashion designers make smart collection in new digital textile lab
[2016-02-02] Increased risk of bacterial infection if food is exposed to light
[2016-01-29] Highest ranking for UPSC Berzelii Centre for Forest Biotechnology
[2016-01-28] Swetlana Heger-Davis new rector of Umeå Academy of Fine Arts
[2016-01-28] Breakthrough enables ultra fast transport of electrical charges in polymers
[2016-01-27] International workshop on DOING RESEARCH IN EXTREME CONTEXTS
[2016-01-27] Unanimous board recommends Hans Adolfsson as new Vice-Chancellor
[2016-01-27] Essential research at Kunskapsnoden 2016
[2016-01-26] Improved chances of diagnosing hereditary disease
[2016-01-21] Major increase in applications to international master’s programmes
[2016-01-21] Professor Lars Westin: “To build on Campus Umeå is positive”
[2016-01-21] Cells from cow knee joints used to grow new cartilage tissue in laboratory
[2016-01-20] Life explored in a playful format
[2016-01-20] Building boom in Umeå and at campus
[2016-01-20] Exercise for people with dementia improves balance and reduces dependence
[2016-01-19] Psoriasis patients have reduced access to efficient treatment method with age
[2016-01-19] New methods for more energy-efficient internet services
[2016-01-19] Depression and obesity common among bipolar patients with exhausted stress system
[2016-01-18] Save the Date, StratNeuro 2016 retreat April 28-29 2016
[2016-01-18] New biomarkers for improved treatment of severe heart- and lung disease
[2016-01-14] Soil frost affects greenhouse gas emissions in the Arctic
[2016-01-14] Emmanuelle Charpentier awarded "Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur"
[2016-01-14] Grand opening of café in the MIT Building

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