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American students experience student life in Umeå for 72 hours

[2018-02-09] On 13–15 February, two students from USA will visit Umeå University to experience student life for 72 hours. They will share their observations through their home university’s social media channels.

Jasmine Karlowski and Terrius Harris from the University of Mississippi in the USA will visit Umeå University to experience student life in Umeå, Sweden. The visit has been organised under The 72 hours exchange initiative that was formed in 2016.

On-site in Umeå, an intensive programme awaits, which includes a guided tour on Umeå’s two campuses, a lecture, a visit to IKSU, and social activities through the Buddy Programme. To get an overall experience of being an exchange student, the two will stay in a student corridor.

"I am hoping to understand the student atmosphere on campus and in the surrounding area. With Sweden being a country filled with miraculous spectacles of nature, I am excited to explore the outdoor opportunities Umeå has to offer", says Terrius Harris.

"I’m thrilled to experience student life for 72-hours and hope that we can encourage more students at the University of Mississippi to apply as exchange students to Umeå University. As a graduate student in documentary expression, I look forward to learning about and documenting higher education and culture in Sweden firsthand", says Jasmine Karlowski.

Umeå University has an exchange agreement with the University of Mississippi that was signed in 1999. Domestic students pay a tuition fee in the USA, which makes it particularly important for the universities there to maintain a balance in the exchange agreements.

"We decided to do this project with a university in the USA because students at Umeå University want to go to the USA for exchange studies. To be able to send students, we also need to recruit students to come here", says Ingrid Svensson, Head of Unit at the International Office.

About The 72 hour exchange

In 2016, the International Office and the Communications Office at Umeå University formed the idea of The 72 hour exchange. It is not a new exchange programme but an initiative to encourage more students to study abroad and to recruit more exchange students to Umeå University. In the spring term of 2017, two Umeå students went to Sogang University in South Korea to experience student life there. So other students could follow their trip, they reported about their experiences through Umeå University’s Facebook page.

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Sandra Åström, Communications Officer at the International Office
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