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Nordic countries start new Master’s in social work

[2017-07-04] An international two-year Master in Social Work and Welfare within a Nordic Perspective will start this autumn. Umeå will be one of three Nordic universities hosting the degree programme.

The students will take their first term at the University of Stavanger in Norway, the second term in Umeå, and the third term in Aalborg in Denmark. For the fourth term, the students have the choice of which one of the three institution of higher education they wish to write their Master’s thesis at.

The programme will cover children, young adults, and family living conditions and exposure in welfare communities from a Nordic perspective. Students are admitted to the University of Stavanger coordinating the degree programme. Students are later registered at the university where each course is held, Umeå or Aalborg.

“Mobility is great between Nordic countries, both when it comes to people and ideas. That creates a need for an education that promotes meetings and exchanging experiences between students who specialise in comparative welfare politics,” says Petra Ahnlund, director of studies at the Department of Social Work.

The second cycle programme leads to a Master’s Degree (120 credits) in Social Work and Welfare. The degree is what you call a joint degree, shared between the three countries. The programme is first and foremost aimed at social workers who are either newly trained, or have worked for a few years. To qualify for the course, you need to have taken 180 credits in social sciences or behavioural sciences, or a comparable education as well as have general entry requirements in English.

“The setup is rather unique and we’ve already seen a great interest in the programme. For the start this autumn, 25 students have been admitted and they come from all continents of the world,” says Petra Ahnlund.

Since the first term takes place in Norway, students at the new programme Master in Social Work and Welfare within a Nordic Perspective will not arrive at Umeå University until spring 2018.

For more information, please contact:

Petra Ahnlund
Director of studies, Department of Social Work
Phone: +46 90-786 52 78 
Mobile: +46 72-717 67 62

Photo: Ulrika Bergfors

Editor: Anna Lawrence

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