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Tönu Puu named honorary doctor in Italy

[2012-09-13] The University of Urbino in Italy has appointed Tönu Puu, Senior Professor of Economics at Umeå University, honorary doctor. He will be awarded his honorary doctorate on 20 September.

The ceremony is held in connection with a series of conferences in a European research network, consisting of nearly one hundred economists, geographers and mathematicians from 19 different countries. Tönu Puu is the official Swedish delegate in the network’s management, and the leader of a team working at the interface between economics and mathematics.

The Umeå professor has also recently been invited to be a foreign member in one of the committees that examine all nominations as Associate Professor or Professor at all Italian universities.

Tönu Puu, born in 1936 in Tallinn, was Professor of Economics at Umeå University from 1971 to 2001. Afterwards he worked at the Centre for Regional Studies (Cerum) for ten years. In total, he has published twenty books and 130 scholarly articles in economics, mathematics and philosophy.

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Tönu Puu,
Cerum, Umeå University
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