Umeå University visited alumni in China

[2012-11-08] In mid-October, a delegation from Umeå University visited China to meet former students (alumni) in Beijing and Shanghai.

The group around Deputy Vice-Chancellor Anders Fällström got together with alumni, former guest professors, and Umeå students who are currently on exchange in China. The purpose of the meetings was to support the Umeå University alumni association that was recently established in China.

“It is very important for Umeå University to maintain a relationship with its former students, both domestic and international,” says alumni coordinator Jessica Bergström Grahn. She was impressed by how strongly the former students still feel connected to Umeå University.

The events in China were Umeå University's first official alumni meetings outside of Sweden - but definitely not the last. “This is one step to strengthen the internationalization of Umeå University,” says Anders Fällström. “We believe that our international alumni are an important target group to work with.”

Umeå University alumni meeting in ShanghaiThe Alumni association in China aims to help Umeå University in the recruitment of new students, to be a discussion partner for various cooperative projects and exchanges, and to offer practical help to exchange students and visiting professors from Umeå who come to China. They want to provide a venue for former Umeå students to meet and connect, both socially and professionally.

Contact: Jessica Bergström Grahn

Editor: Christina Hülsmann

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