Sámi Week 2014 - 2014 Ubmejen Biejvieh

During 26 February to 12 March the annual Sámi Week will be held in Umeå. Umeå University participates among others with open lectures presented by The Centre for Sami Research, who are organizing The Lars Thomasson Symposium for the second consecutive year.

Såkhie, the Umeå Sámi Association, are organizing the 15th edition of Sámi Week (Ubmejen Biejvieh in Sámi). A major part of Umeå2014, Sámi Week will be held for 15 days this year and will include exhibitions and performances with music, dance and art, as well as lectures and guided tours among the Sámi habitats at Gammlia open-air museum.

Umeå University's involvement in this year's Sámi Week mainly consists of lectures at The Lars Thomasson Symposium, organized by The Centre for Sámi Research (CeSam), Vaartoe. The symposium is open for everyone and requires no registration.

Patrik Lantto, director of  Vaartoe/CeSam, says that the Sámi Week is an important event to highlight different aspects of Sámi culture and society, and to create discussions around key issues for the Sámi community.

"Sámi Week is a key event for Vaartoe/CeSam, where we are both very active and simultaneously obtain opportunities for new learning and cultural experiences," says Patrik Lantto.

"This year's Lars Thomasson Symposium is also a part of the seminar series that we’re having during the whole year of 2014, as Umeå is appointed as the European Capital of Culture, together with the Swedish Sámi National Association (SSR), all led by Anna-Lill Ledman, assistant director at Vaartoe/CeSam,"continues Patrik Lantto.

This year's theme for The Lars Thomasson Symposium is Ethics In Indigenous Research. The presenters are all involved in indigenous research and come from different parts of the world, both within and outside Sápmi.

Professor Patrik Lantto
Professor Patrik Lantto

Patrik Lantto also stresses that Sámi research is an important and unexplored part of Swedish and Nordic history, and for a university such as Umeå University, situated in the north, it’s of great importace and a large responsibility to maintain a strong focus on Sámi issues.

"Vaartoe/CeSam functions as a hub for Sámi research with an objective of creating forums and coordinating research in the field, including carrying out our own successful research in the field," continues Patrik Lantto. "As the only centre for Sámi research in the country, Vaartoe/CeSam has an important role in illuminating Sámi issues.

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