Sami Week 2017 • 4–12 March

An event organised by Såhkie (Umeå Sami Association) together with the Museum of Västerbotten and Umeå University. This year's Sami Week – Ubmejen Biejvieh – will be the 18th year for the Sami festival. The theme for the year is Sami women.
Illustration: Maria Persson

“In order to celebrate the hundreth anniversary of the first joint Sami congress in Trondheim in 1917, we would like to join Elsa Laula Renberg in paying attention to the Sami women, both current and past. Women as visionaries, as political bodies and as bearers of culture. Sami women in many ways stand at the centre of Sami culture and connect history with the future.”

Michael Lindblad, chairperson of Såhkie, Umeå Sami Association

A selection of events

...in which Umeå University or its employees take part in the Sami Week and some that are relevant to the non-Swedish speakers. Changes to the schedule may apply. Most events are in Swedish, but some are in English and some in one of the Sami languages. And others are interesting regardless of language.

Saturday 4 March

10:00–16:00  Baking Gáhkku Samerna och svenska kyrkan
– Bagarstugan, Museum of Västerbotten In Swedish)

16:00  Från förtryck till försoning – Samerna och svenska kyrkan
– Umeå City Library, Väven (In Swedish)

19:00  Sameblod – film viewing and talk with director Amanda Kernell
– Folkets bio, Väven (In Swedish. Tickets are sold out for 4 March, but the film is viewed every day between 6-12 March)

Sunday 5 March

13:00  Sami Week inauguration
– Tráhppie, Gammlia (In Swedish)

13:00  The Vaartoe student scholarship award ceremony
– Tráhppie, Gammlia (In Swedish)

Monday 6 March

09:00–16:00 #DigiGiella17: How can we make the Sami languages a part of our everyday lives?
Humlab-X, Konstnärligt campus + live-sändning (In Swedish and Sami)
Direct link to programme

Tuesday 7 March

12:00–16.00  The importance of the reindeer in an ever changing climate

– Bio Abelli, Museum of Västerbotten (One part in English)

12:10  Culture on Campus, lunch concert: Norwegian rapper Slincraze
Ljusgården, Teacher Education Building, Campus Umeå (Music)

18:30–19:30  Health in Sápmi – historic overview by Per Axelsson
– Folkuniversitetet auditorium

18:30–19:30  A Crash course in Sami History – lecture held by Johan Sandberg McGuinne
– Bildmuseet (In English. Free entry.)

Onsdag 8/3

09.00–10.30  Female breakfast on mining on indigenous land – doctor Kristina Sehlin MacNeil.
– Tráhppie, Gammlia (In Swedish)

11:00–16:30  Lars Thomasson Symposium: Förmödrar och förebilder. Kvinnor som går före
– Bio Abelli, Museum of Västerbotten (In Swedish, one in English and one in Sami)

13:45–14:15  Masculinities – Robert Innes, University of Saskatchewan. A part of the Lars Thomasson Symposium
– Bio Abelli, Museum of Västerbotten (In English)

Thursday 9 March

12:00–16:00  Fascinating plants – a number of seminars on plant research in Umeå
– P-O Bäckströms sal, Swedish University of Agriculture (Four presentations in English, four in Swedish)

13:00–14:00  Sami women, godesses and the Christian mission
– Bio Abelli, Museum of Västerbotten 

14:00–15:00  Book release: Samisk kamp. Kulturförmedling och rättviserörelse
– Bio Abelli, Museum of Västerbotten (In Swedish)

Friday 10 March

13:00–16:00  Seminar: Vägval – turism och urfolk
Auditorium E, the Humanities Building, Campus Umeå (In English and Scaninavian languages)

Saturday 11 March

15:00–16:30  Sovereignty, Spirituality, Land and Language: Highlights from the Native Crossroads festival
– Folkets bio, Väven (In English)

All week, there are things going on at the Museum of Västerbotten at Gammlia for the whole family. Take a look at their programme. Also, take a look at the overall programme for the Sami Week.

If you are interested in learning more about the Sami, the indigenous people of northern Fenno-Scandinavia and the Russian Kola Peninsula, please contact the Sami Association.

sameflagga barn och ren Kåtor i Fatmomakke Renar norrsken över campus

Chronicle in Aktum No. 1, 2017

Charlotta Svonni.Charlotta Svonni is a doctoral student at the Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies. Read her chronicle:

Privileged as a Swede,
discriminated against
as a Sami

Co-organisors at Umeå University

Co-organisers of the Sami Week 2017 from Umeå University are first and foremost Vaartoe – Centre for Sami research, Arcum (Arctic Research Centre at Umeå University) and the Department of Language Studies

Also contributing are the Department of Ecology and Environmental Science, the Department of Geography and Economic History, Humlab-X, the Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies, and Culture on Campus.

Extractive industries have negative impacts on Indigenous peoples

Extractive industries have negative impacts on Indigenous peoples

dissertation Extractive industries affect Indigenous peoples in Sweden and Australia, and Indigenous group’s perspectives are often ignored or trivialised, according to a dissertation by Kristina Sehlin MacNeil. She has collaborated with Indigenous organisations in developing concepts that include Indigenous peoples’ perspectives on conflicts and power relations. Read more