TEDxUmeå 2018 - Tuesday 8 May

For the fifth time the team behind TEDxUmeå, a community that grows larger each year, will summon a dozen talented speakers – from Umeå and the County of Västerbotten, as well as other parts of Sweden and Europe – eager to spread an idea they have, or perhaps an obsession, that are truly worth sharing.

Speakers from Umeå University

Abrak Saati - Senior Researcher at the Department of Political Science

"If we want to continue living in societies where our freedoms are protected, we need to realize the urgency of the situation and work together in order to save liberal democracy."

Malcom Fairbrother - Professor at the Department of Sociology

"Many people know that the world is in serious trouble because of pollution. What people don't know is that there are actually many success stories where environmental policies have worked really well."

Other speakers

  • Siduri Poli, co-founder of Changers Hub
  • Malcolm Fairbrother, CEO of the green think tank Fores
  • Stina Hägglund, lecturer blogger
  • Thor Rutgersson, writer and musician
  • Caroline Ravn, magician
  • Johan Persson, industry designer, founder of C’monde Studios
  • Lovette Jallow, feminist, activist and Youtuber
  • Fredrik Lindegren, head of culture at Umeå municipality

More details about TEDxUmeå

Summary of TEDxUmeå 2017

Umeå University's involvement

Umeå University is one of the  main organisers and partners of TEDxUmeå along with Umeå Municipality and Region Västerbotten.

Scene from TEDxUmeå 2017

Image: TEDxUmeå


Operaplan 5, Umeå