TEDxUmeå 2017 - Wednesday 3 May

For the fourth time the team behind TEDxUmeå, a community that grows larger each year, will summon a dozen talented speakers – from Umeå and the County of Västerbotten, as well as other parts of Sweden and Europe – eager to spread an idea they have, or perhaps an obsession, that are truly worth sharing.

Speakers from Umeå University

Fredrik Almqvist
Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry
Turning the tide of antimicrobial resistance

Johanna Davidsson
Alumna (Nursing, 2014)
What motivates and drives us to follow our dreams?

Elza Dunkels
Senior Lecturer, Department of Applied Educational Science
Fake news for kids

Markus Hällgren
Professor of Management, Umeå School of Business and Economics
Managing the risk of boredom: Insights from Mt Everest

Klara Johansson
Researcher, Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine
Why continue aiming for a fact-based world-view is important

See the full list of speakers at tedxumea.com

Highlights from 2016

Umeå University's involvement

Umeå University is one of the organisers of TEDxUmeå along with Umeå Municipality, Ledarskapscentrum, Nicke&Nico, Region Västerbotten and Blå Huset.

Scene from TEDxUmeå 2016

Image: TEDxUmeå


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