Upcoming Theses

When a postgraduate student or doctoral candidate completes their studies, he or she is required to produce an academic thesis to be defended in public. This defence, called a dissertation, is the final phase in obtaining the degree after approval by the judging body. Upcoming defences of disputations and the most recent theses at Umeå University can be found in the links to the right.

Dissertations to be defended

January 2017

19 January at 09:00–12:00

Jon Örn Fridriksson - urology

Dissertation Adverse effects of treatment of prostate cancer.

20 January at 09:00–12:00

Arunkumar Upadhyay - virology

Dissertation Characterizing viperin mode of action through its interaction host factors

20 January at 09:00–12:00

Bodil Weidung - geriatrics

Dissertation Blood pressure in very old age. Eterminants, adverse outcomes, and hetereogeneity.

20 January at 13:00–16:00

Anders Rydvall - anestesiology and intensive care

Dissertation Withhold or withdraw futile treatment in intensive care. An analysis of arguments supported by physicians and the general public.

20 January at 13:00–16:00

Mattias Vågberg - neurology

Dissertation Brain parenchymal fraction in healthy individuals and in clinical follow-up of multiple sclerosis.

27 January at 09:00–12:00

Nighat Farooqi - pulmonary medicine

Dissertation Nutrition and energy expenditure in women with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

27 January at 09:00–12:00

Anton Tjust - anatomy

Dissertation Extraocular muscles in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

27 January at 09:00

Sofie Ekestubbe - Molecular Biology

Dissertation Effects of LcrV and YopN on translocation regulation in the T3SS.

February 2017

3 February at 09:00–12:00

Mia Rajalin - psychiatry/suicidology

Dissertation Distal risk factors, interpersonal functioning and family skills training in attempted suicide.

3 February at 10:00

Lotta Berg - Chemistry

Dissertation Exploring non-covalent interactions between drug-like molecules and the protein acetylcholinesterase.

9 February at 09:00–12:00

Angelica Hedman - licentiate thesis radiation physics

Dissertation Characterization of HPGe detectors for low energy in situ gamma spectrometry.

10 February at 09:00–12:00

Gabriel Högström - geriatrics

Dissertation Cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality: Influences of fitness, fatness and genetic factors among young males.

10 February at 09:00–12:00

Maquins Odhiambo Sewe - epidemiology and global health

Dissertation Towards climate based early warning and response systems for malaria.

10 February at 09:30

Anne Deininger - Physical Geography

Dissertation Effects of inorganic nitrogen and organic carbon on pelagic food webs in boreal lakes.

10 February at 10:00

Ho Ngoc Hoang Oanh - Chemistry

Dissertation Regulation of the multi-functional protein YscU in assembly of the Yersinia type III secretion injectisome.

16 February at 09:00–12:00

Anna Lotta Irewall - medicine

Dissertation Recurrent events and secondary prevention after acute cerebrovascular disease.

17 February at 09:00–12:00

Stina Sundstedt - otorhinolaryngology

Dissertation Swallowing function in patients with Parkinson's disease and Deep Brain Stimulation.

17 February at 09:00–12:00

Masoud Vaezghasemi - Epidemiology and Public Health

Dissertation Nutrition transition and the double burden of malnutrition in Indonesia

17 February at 13:00–16:00

Frida Jonsson - medical genetics

Dissertation Underlying genetic mechanisms of hereditary dystrophies in retina and cornea.

24 February at 09:00–12:00

Juan Antonio Córdoba Doña - epidemiology and global health

Dissertation Withstanding austerity: economic crisis and health inequalities in Spain.

24 February at 09:00–12:00

Karin Söderström - oncology

Dissertation Radiotherapy for head and neck cancer –cost/benefit of dose-volume parameters with emphasis on elective treatment.

24 February at 10:00

Signe Lett - Ecology

Dissertation Mosses as mediators of climate change: Implications for tree seedling establishment in the tundra.

24 February at 10:15

Per Arnqvist - Mathematical Statistics

Dissertation Functional Clustering Methods and Marital Fertility Modelling.

March 2017

3 March

Farahnaz Ranjbarian - medical biochemistry

Dissertation Targets and strategies for drug discovery against human African sleeping sickness.

10 March at 13:00–16:00

Gloria Fong - anatomy

Dissertation Influence of neuromodulators and mechanical loading on pathological cell and tissue characteristics in tendinosis.

17 March at 09:00–12:00

Annika Nordstrand - oncology

Dissertation Prostate cancer and bone cell interactions: Implications for metastatic growth and therapy

April 2017

7 April at 09:00–12:00

Joakim Forsell - clinical bacteriology

Dissertation Genetic subtypes in unicellular intestinal parasites with special focus on Blastocystis.

28 April at 09:00–12:00

Dina Popova - pharmacology

Dissertation In vitro cellular models for neurotoxicity studies.

May 2017

23 May at 13:00–16:00

Anna Lövgren - clinical oral physiology

Dissertation Recognition of temporomandibular disorders in dentistry. Validity and outcome of three screening questions, 3Q/TMD.

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