Employment Opportunities at Umeå University

Umeå University welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds and academic disciplines.

At Umeå University you will experience an attactive and creative educational environment and world-leading research. 4,300 employees and 36,000 students have chosen Umeå University as their place or work and study. We welcome your application.

Please note: The list of current vacancies below are sorted by the date they are posted in our database. For application deadlines and reference numbers, read the complete job description by clicking the job title link.

Open Positions

Förste forskningsingenjör inom området elektronmikroskopi (EM)/ First Research Engineer in Electron Microscopy (EM)


Forskningsingenjör inom området elektronmikroskopi (EM)/ Research Engineer in Electron Microscopy (EM)


5 doktorander till Företagsforskarskola för samverkan och innovation / 4 PhD positions within the Industrial Doctoral School


Biträdande universitetslektor i nationalekonomi/Assistant Professor in environmental and resource economics


Two Postdoc positions (2 years) in infection biology of Chlamydia spp/ Två postdoktorer (2 år) i Klamydia bakteriers infektionsbiologi


Postdoctoral position (2 years) in innate immunity/ Postdoktor (2 år)


Doktorand i energiteknik och termisk processkemi/PhD student position in Energy Technology and Thermal Process Chemistry


Förste forskningsingenjör i förbehandling och enzymatisk hydrolys av ved/First research engineer in pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis of wood


Postdoktor i experimentell molekylärepidemiologi/Post-doc position on experimental molecular epidemiology


Postdoktor i nationalekonomi med inriktning mot offentlig ekonomi/ Post-doctoral research position in Economics, in particular Public Economics


Postdoktorer vid institutionen för geografi och ekonomisk historia/Post-doc positions at the department of Geography and Economic History


Postdoktor med inriktning mot lärplattor i utbildning (2 år)/Post-doc position with focus on media tablets in education (2 years)


1-2 postdoktor(er) i företagsekonomi/1-2 postdoctoral positions in Business Administration


Postdoktor inom infektionsbiologi och molekylär infektionsmedicin / Postdoctoral Research Opportunities in Infection Biology and Molecular Infection M


Biträdande universitetslektor


More open positions (mostly in Swedish)

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Umeå University is alive with enthusiasm, curiosity and fresh ideas. We have a strong international and multicultural presence with students, teachers and researchers from all over the world.

How to Apply

Your complete application should include the requested documents in the job listing. If you apply to more than one position, you should send all documents for every position, so the respective department can have the chance to review your submittal in its entirety. It is important to mark your application with the appropriate reference number.

The university saves application documents, including attachments, for two years. If desired, the documents can be returned. Documents sent electronically should be in pdf or word format to jobb@umu.se. Applications for professors, senior lecturers and PhD student positions should be sent in paper form, not electronically, if mentioned.

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