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EU/EEA application deadline extended to 16 April

Due to technical problems at, the application deadline for EU/EEA citizens for the autumn 2014 term has been extended to 16 April at midnight (24.00) Central European Time (CET).

Göran Sandberg receives honorary doctorate in the Czech Republic

Göran Sandberg, professor at Umeå Plant Science Centre and former vice-chancellor of Umeå University, was inaugurated as an honorary doctor at Palacký University in Olomouc, Czech Republic.

Pioneering findings on the dual role of carbon dioxide in photosynthesis

Researchers at Umeå University have found that carbon dioxide, in its ionic form bicarbonate, has a regulating function in the splitting of water in photosynthesis. This means that carbon dioxide has an additional role to being reduced to sugar. The pioneering work is published in the latest issue o...

THE: Magnetic north plans to reset the cultural compass

The British magazine Times Higher Education examined Umeå University's involvement in the European Capital of Culture year and interviewed Britta Lundgren, professor of ethnology and coordinator of the university's activities during 2014: "For 2014, we have tried to make something special out of...

Swedish researchers map the risks of new virus epidemic in Europe

The risk of dengue fever beginning to spread in Europe is imminent. According to researchers from Umeå University, this is no longer just an issue for the scientific community but also for politicians and policy makers, who need to be prepared and develop preventive measures.

Extinctions reduce speciation

The same factors that increase the risk of species extinctions also reduce the chance that new species are formed. This is concluded by two biologists at Umeå University. Their findings are published in the April issue of the scientific journal Evolution.

Three proposals for the future Universum on campus

Three different proposals for a modernized Universum building complex at Campus Umeå have been presented at a seminar arranged by Umeå University and Akademiska Hus. The major investment will now proceed by gathering valuable feedback from students, faculty and staff.

Timing training can increase accuracy in golf and soccer

Practicing your timing and rhythmicity can make you a more precise and stable golfer or soccer player. According to Umeå researcher Marius Sommer that is, who for four weeks has let experienced athletes perform specific rhythmic movements in time to a metronome.

Umeå scientist awarded prestigious research prize

Emmanuelle Charpentier, associate professor at Umeå University, has been awarded the Göran Gustafsson prize – one of the most prestigious awards for young Swedish scientists. She received the prize for her discovery of the structures that control bacterial immunity, which led to the development of a...

Culture and Growth - Magical Components or Mutually Exclusive Counterparts?

Culture and development, creativity and growth in cultural capitals in particular and culture and city in general is the subject of the 8th conference of UNeEC, The University Network of European Capitals of Culture. What challenges and opportunities are there?

Umeå University becomes national resource for advanced electron microscopy

Umeå University will be a national resource for advanced electron microscopy thanks to a contribution of SEK 57 million. Scientists across the country will be able to use the techniques for research, including detailed studies of microorganisms that cause infectious diseases.

International students at Umeå University most satisfied in Europe

Umeå University has been ranked first in Europe and ninth in the world for student satisfaction according to the latest International Student Barometer (ISB). The survey was responded to by international students from 170 universities in the world during the autumn of 2013.

Umeå alumni chapters expand to South Korea

The first event in South Korea for Umeå University alumni (former students) took place on 17 March in Seoul. New and old friends met as the newest alumni chapter was established in South Korea.

Caroline Sjöberg named new University Director

Caroline Sjöberg will become the new University Director at Umeå University and will formally begin on 1 June. She has previously worked as head of the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education Services and was most recently associated with The Leadership Foundation for Higher Education in London...

Nano-engineered composites promise a boost in efficiency in next-generation solar cells

Carbon nanotubes are becoming increasingly attractive for photovoltaic solar cells as a replacement to silicon. Researchers at Umeå University in Sweden have discovered that controlled placement of the carbon nanotubes into nano-structures produces a huge boost in electronic performance. Their groun...

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