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Designing acoustic devices using thin materials

Acoustic devices like mufflers and loudspeakers are all around us. In the design of such devices, computer simulations and numerical optimisation algorithms are becoming increasingly useful in order to shorten the product development time and decrease the number of physical prototypes. Esubalewe Lak...

Two New Exhibitions Open at Bildmuseet

New exhibitions open at Bildmuseet on Sunday 12 June, presenting two international artists in solo exhibitions: Fouad Elkoury and Saara Ekström. Press preview on Thursday 9 June at 10:00. Welcome!

Targeting metals to fight pathogenic bacteria

Researchers at Laboratory for Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden (MIMS)/Umeå University in Sweden participated in the discovery of a unique system of acquisition of essential metals in the pathogenic bacterium Staphylococcus aureus. This research was led by scientists at the CEA in France, in colla...

UPSC-Professor appointed Forest Biotechnologist of the Year

Stefan Jansson, a professor at Umeå University has been appointed 2015 Forest Biotechnologist of the Year by the Institute of Forest Biosciences (IFB). IFB is an international organisation working towards healthier and more productive forests.

Ecosystems with many and similar species can handle tougher environmental disturbances

How sensitive an ecosystem is to unforeseen environmental stress can be determined, according to Daniel Bruno, previous visiting researcher at Umeå University. The approach is to study how many species there are in an ecosystem and what proportion of these can replace species that are hard hit by en...

Vitamin E a potential biomarker for development of brain tumours

Researchers at Umeå University in Sweden and the Cancer Registry of Norway have studied possible causes behind the development of brain tumours. The results, published in the journal Oncotarget, show differences in expression of certain molecules known as metabolites when comparing healthy individua...

Extraterrestrial oceans – beneath the surface!

Icy objects in our solar system have large oceans under their surfaces and here life could evolve and flourish. This according to a recent dissertation by Jesper Lindkvist, doctoral student at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics and Umeå University. The dissertation will be defended on Tuesday 31...

Informatics student receives Global Swede Award

Fahria Kabir, master’s degree student in Human Computer Interaction and Social Media at Umeå University, received the 2016 Global Swede Award at a diploma ceremony at the Offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Stockholm on 18 May.

Luminous proteins offer new method to discover viral infections

Researchers at Umeå University have developed a new method to directly follow viral infections in living organisms. This method can make infected cells produce fluorescent proteins, which means that they light up and become easier to identify. The method, which is described in the journal Scientific...

Signal proteins guide formation of sensory systems during embryonic development

In embryonic studies, Umeå University researchers have found that bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signals both trigger and regulate the formation of sensory cells for smell, hearing and vision. In addition, BMP activity plays a crucial role for the early development of the lens and the retina, two ...

Selenium deficiency linked to deadly heart disease affecting pregnant women

Researchers have found a close link between selenium deficiency and Peripartum Cardiomyopathy (PPCM), a heart disease that affects pregnant women and recent mothers. The study of patients in Nigeria also showed that rural women were three times more likely to develop the disease, according to a doct...

Researchers show that four-stranded DNA is formed and unfolded

Researchers at Umeå University in Sweden have discovered that specific DNA sequences that are rich in the DNA building block guanine in the yeast species, Schizosaccharomyces pombe, can form four-stranded DNA. In a study published today in the journal Nucleic Acids Research, the researchers also sho...

The Independent: Sarin nerve agent antidote is within reach, scientists reveal

Scientists have made a significant breakthrough in the search for new antidotes to combat deadly nerve agent sarin. A joint study published by the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) and Umeå University revealed how certain molecules could be used to counteract the devastating effects of chemical...

Emotional and inspiring TEDxUmeå delivered

Yesterday, this year’s TEDxUmeå took place at Väven. 400 participants listened to eighteen speakers and their inspiring, 15 minute long talks. The messages revolved around our view on the human body, difficulties regarding plant breeding, scientific breakthroughs, norm-breaking and what really is im...

Viruses detected in Swedish mosquito larvae

After an outbreak of Ockelbo disease in northern Sweden in 2013, researchers at Umeå University were able to trace the virus to mosquitos in an area of Lövånger. In a new study, researchers have shown that mosquito larvae in the Västerbotten region also carry virus that can cause infectious disease....

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