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Monster Traps and Mars Rovers at UID Degree Exhibition

Imagine a future where children no longer need to fear scary monsters under their beds. What if NASA's next vehicle to explore Mars is already designed, in northern Sweden. Consider a tomorrow where breathing difficulties among newborn children in developing countries aren’t life-threatening anymore...

Genetic mutation linked to aortic dissection in the chest

Researchers at Umeå University have discovered a genetic mutation that can cause dissection of the thoracic aorta, which is the body’s main artery. The mutation leads to an impaired function of the smooth muscle cells of the aortic wall and thus an increased predisposition for aortic dissection.

Mathematical and Theoretical Ecology in Umeå

Theoretical and mathematical ecology is an interdisciplinary field, where scientists cooperate across borders to further our understanding of ecology an evolution by building conceptual and mathematical models. In this workshop, researchers from the Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statist...

Chemical stimuli can support growing of stable cartilage cells

Cell-based therapies could offer a way to treat cartilage injuries before the ultimate damage of osteoarthritis on articular cartilage. Cartilage-derived chondrocytes can be used for cartilage repair, but the expanded cells quickly lose their cartilage-specific characteristics. Researchers at Umeå U...

Over 50 PhD Students learn to build autonomous clouds

On 11-12 May, Umeå University hosts 52 PhD students from all over Sweden during a 2-day course event in Umeå to learn about what are the current challenges in making clouds more effective, focusing on making clouds more autonomous. The event includes keynote speakers from Google and Burt, the latter...

Roger Metto / Cryosphere

On Saturday 20 May, Bildmuseet celebrates 5 years on the Umeå Arts Campus. Two new exhibitions are opened, one of them beeing Roger Mettos Cryosphere, with paintings of magnificent mountain ranges and deep valleys rendered in an intense range of colours.

Jumana Emil Abboud / The Horse, The Bird, The Tree and The Stone

On Saturday 20 May, Bildmuseet celebrates 5 years on the Umeå Arts Campus. Two new exhibitions are opened, one of them beeing Jumana Emil Abboud / The Horse, The Bird, The Tree and The Stone – from small-scale works to monumental wall paintings, sound works and video installations inspired by Palest...

New deans at Umeå University

On 1 July, new deans and pro deans will take office at Umeå University, representing the highest management positions for the four respective faculties. Vice-Chancellor Hans Adolfsson has now reached the formal decisions on who take the roles.

Chemistry world: Fish on valium

What are the consequences of unintentionally medicating wildlife against anxiety and depression? Imagine what happens when, as has been extensively shown, that Prozac type of psychiatric medicine makes it into the wild. For Jonatan Klaminder, an ecologist at Umeå University in Sweden, it’s straightf...

Pathogenic bacteria train their defence in lakes and oceans

Peter Mathisen at Umeå University has found links between the aquatic environment and the spreading of diseases such as tularaemia. The results indicate that aquatic environments act as “gyms” for bacteria, where the presence of predators train their defence against being killed and eaten up. The re...

Supercharging the computers that might save the world

Computer scientist Gonzalo Rodrigo at Umeå University has developed new techniques and tools to manage high performance computing systems more efficiently. This in an effort to comply with the increasing demand to handle large amounts of data within research and allowing for advance simulations.

Felipe Cava awarded for microbiological research

The Spanish Society for Microbiology has awarded this year’s Jaime Ferran Award to Felipe Cava, research group leader at Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden at Umeå University and Wallenberg Academy Fellow. The prize is awarded every year to Spain's best young microbiologist.

You and I can help climate researchers in Abisko

A new citizen science project in Abisko aims to teach the public how we do climate change science while collecting valuable data. CIRC researcher Keith Larson will receive nearly SEK 500,000 for an outreach project centred on the establishment of a research trail. This Formas grant is the second of ...

Former Umeå professor becomes Director-General of UKÄ

Professor and former rector of Umeå School of Business and Economics in Umeå, Anders Söderholm, has been appointed Director-General of the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ).

MIT – a place to meet

On Friday 27 April, the focus environment MIT place opens with a robot competition organised by students in engineering physics. The inauguration programme continues on 2 and 3 May with speeches and inspiring lectures in the MIT Building.

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