Vision and Strategies

Umeå University 2020 – Vision and Objectives

The point of departure for the vision document is that in the year 2020, Umeå University will have a strong international position as one of Sweden's leading universities, and that the university will have developed interaction between research, education, collaboration and innovation that challenges boundaries and plays a crucial role in the region's development. The university gives its students and staff unique opportunities for professional and personal development, whilst simultaneously providing society with new knowledge, and creative people, both locally and globally. The objectives in the vision document are formulated under three main headings.

A university that makes things possible

Our overall objectives have the main headings:

  • A long term approach facilitates a high level of risk-taking.
  • Creative environments stimulate dynamic meetings.
  • Collaboration creates development and improves quality.

Education for boundless knowledge

Our objectives have the main headings:

  • An attractive educational offering at all levels.
  • Skilled teaching staff.
  • Encounters with research and the outside world.
  • A strong international dimension.

Research that breaks down boundaries

Our objectives have the main headings:

  • Ground breaking research.
  • Research that takes on society's challenges.
  • Access to the best research infrastructure.
  • Attractive research programmes create competitiveness.

The Vision document applies from 1 July 2012 until further notice. A review of the document shall be made by autumn 2016.

Umeå University 2020 – Vision and objectives