Private and Public Housing in Umeå

The manner of securing housing can vary in different countries and cultures. Therefore, we have put together some basic information to help all of our students from other countries to understand the Swedish housing market.

In many countries you can easily find a room or a boarding situation once you are "on site" in the new city. However, we do not advise you to rely on finding your accommodation after your arrival in Umeå. There are a number of private landlords or students who do look for someone to share an apartment, but this practice is far from widespread and will most probably not meet the needs of very many of our student population. We strongly advise you to read the information provided here and to do your best to arrange your housing before your arrival in Umeå.

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Related Information

Municipal Housing Company

Temporary Accommodation

If you are arriving outside of office hours or if you have not managed to secure housing before your arrival, we advise you to make an advance booking with one of the Youth Hostels in town. To make sure you have somewhere to stay during the first couple of days contact the YMCA, STF or 57:an.

Emergency Housing Information

Umeå Municipality and the Umeå Student Union offer emergency housing to assist new students, who are in need of accommodation when the term is about to start.

Only free-movers from within the EU/EEA are eligible for emergency housing.

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