What is Included?

Rooms and apartments are usually rented unfurnished, but there are a number of exceptions to this rule. For example, rooms in student corridors that are rented through the housing company Bostaden include basic furnishing. If you rent a room or an apartment “second hand” from another tenant, and for a limited period of time, it is not unusual that they also rent out some of their furniture.

Even unfurnished apartments and rooms include a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. According to the regulations, the minimum standard for a room or apartment that is rented as accommodation includes radiators or some other means of heating, hot and cold running water, a constant supply of electricity, access to storage space and laundry facilities in or in the vicinity of the building. The bathrooms should contain a toilet, a wash basin and a bathtub or shower. The kitchen should contain a stove, a sink, a refrigerator, storage space and work surfaces.

The most common arrangement is that the rent that is charged for accommodation is so called “warm rent” (varmhyra). This means that the accomodation's heating is included in the rent. The cost of water is usually included in the rent as well. Household electricity (for lighting, washing, cooking, and so on) is usually not included in the rent, except in the student corridor rooms that are rented through Bostaden.

Make sure to ask the landlord or lessor of the apartment/room about the water and electricity supplies so that you can estimate your monthly expenses.

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