Electrodynamics with Vector Analysis, 7.5 Credits

Elektrodynamik med vektoranalys C, 7.5 hp

Credit points: 7.5 Credits
Course code: 5FY014
Responsible department: Department of Physics
Date of establishment: 2007-08-27
Established by: teknisk-naturvetenskapliga fakultetsnämnden
Revised: 2011-06-15
Valid from: 2011-06-27
Level: Basic level
Main Field of Study and progress level:
Physics: first cycle, has at least 60 credits in first-cycle course/s as entry requirements
Grading scale:

VG Pass with distinction , G Pass, U Fail


The course starts with vector analysis in various coordinate systems and methods to solve boundary value problems in electrostatics. Computer programs for numerical solutions of partial differential equations with boundary conditions are introduced. Maxwell's equations in the general time-dependent case and some of its consequences like the equation of continuity and Poynting's theorem, as well as electromagnetic waves in vacuum and matter and propagation in wave guides, are studied. The concepts of dispersion relation, wave packets, and phase- and group velocity are introduced. The course ends with an introduction to radiation theory where electromagnetic dipole radiation applied on antennas and radiation from an accelerated charge are treated. Retarded potentials are introduced.

Expected learning outcomes

Required Knowledge

Wave Physics, or equivalent.

Form of instruction

Examination modes

Other regulations


Valid from: 2011 week 27

David J.q (David Jeffery) Griffiths
Introduction to electrodynamics
3. ed. : Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Prentice Hall : cop. 1999 : 576 s. :
ISBN: 0-13-805326-X
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