Application Process for Exchange Students

Please read through the instructions on this page carefully. Follow the instructions when you fill in the on-line application form. You should have received the link to it by email. You apply for Housing on the same form as the courses.

Be Sure to Meet the Application Deadline

The deadline for applications for the autumn term is 1 May, and the deadline for applications for the spring term is 1 November. The on-line application has to be submitted by the relevant deadline.

Please Note! When applying to Umeå Institute of Design send your portfolio/home assignment along with your application to:
Umeå University
International Office
SE-901 87 Umeå, Sweden

Application instructions

  • Choose your courses. 30 Swedish credits (30 ECTS) per term equals full-time studies. A list of all the courses that are taught in English can be found under "Courses and Programmes". All courses given in English are open to all exchange students, irrespective of nationality, provided they meet the academic prerequisites. For students within the Medical Faculty, please see the special course information document under "Related Information" (PDF).
  • Make sure you do not apply for full time day-time courses that run during the same weeks because the schedules might clash. For more see "Academic Credit System". 
  • Fill out the online Application Form. (JavaScript must be enabled for the form to function properly).
  • Please make sure that you have a spelt your e-mail address correctly before you submit your application.
  • When you have completed the form, you will receive an e-mail with a link to a printable PDF document that contains your Application Form. (You will need Acrobat Reader to view and print the form. You can download Acrobat Reader under "Related Information").
  • Print the Application Form and sign it.
  • Send the signed Application Form along with your Transcript of Records to the International Office

Note! All exchange students must send in their Transcript of Records along with their applications. Without the Transcript of Records, the applications will not be processed.

Regarding your Application for Housing

The housing section is not visible on the printed PDF version of your application. You do not need to send in any paper version of your housing application. Your housing application will be considered complete when the paper version of the course application is received by the International Office.

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