Application Guidelines

If you have been nominated by your coordinator you should have received the link to the application and detailed instructions to your e-mail. On this page you will find general information that will guide you in the application process.

Courses we offer to exchange students can be found in our online course catalogue. Please consider the following before choosing courses: 

Apply for 30 ECTS to be a full-time student

To be considered a full-time student at Umeå University, you need to study 30 ECTS per term. Most courses available are 7.5, 15.0 or 30 ECTS. If you require a residence permit you must be admitted to full-time studies. You can apply for a maximum of eight courses. You can be admitted to a maximum of 30 ECTS per term. How you prioritise your courses is therefore important. The courses should be listed in order of preference. If you are admitted to 30 ECTS the exceeding courses will be dropped (with the exception of Swedish for international students, beginners' course I and Swedish for international students, beginners' course II that you can apply for in addition to 30 ECTS in other subjects).

Make sure your courses do not clash!

Before you choose courses, carefully check which week each course starts and how long the course is running. According to the Swedish study system full-time courses (100% tempo) are taken one at a time rather than parallel. You will find more information about the study duration on the course web page.

Check the course requirements

Consider the eligibility requirements of the courses before choosing. The required knowledge for each course are stated on the course web page. The requirements are not just a recommendation; it is necessary for you to fulfill them.

Make sure your home university approves your choice of courses

Check with your home university if they approve of your choice of courses before you submit your application, so you do not have any trouble when you are going to transfer your credits.

Course changes are very restricted

Your course proposal will be quite fixed and binding so it is important to choose courses carefully. We have no add/drop period and course changes after the deadline are only allowed in very specific cases (for example if you have a time table conflict).

How to apply for housing

Umeå University offers accommodation for exchange students through the International Housing Office. When your coordinator at your home university fills out the nomination form, he/she is also required to indicate whether or not you need housing for your stay at Umeå University.

More information about housing can be found here:
Housing for exchange students

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