Eligibility for Application to Exchange Studies

In order for you to be eligible to apply as an exchange student, your home university has to have a student exchange agreement with Umeå University. You also need to have been nominated by your university for this exchange.

Exchange Agreement

To be able to come to Umeå as an exchange student your university must have an existing student exchange agreement with Umeå University. Contact an international coordinator at your university to find out if such an agreement exists.

Nomination from your Home University

To become nominated for an exchange term or a year at Umeå University you will have to apply for the exchange. To learn about how to be nominated, contact the International Office/an international coordinator at your home university. Once you have been nominated you can apply to Umeå University as an exchange student. The sooner you apply the better as all courses has a limited number of places.

Meeting Course Qualifications

Being nominated by your home university means that you have been granted the status of exchange student. It does not mean that you will automatically be accepted to study any course that you choose here in Umeå. You will still have to fulfill the prerequisites for each specific course. These qualifications are specified in the information about each course, which is provided in the on-line course catalogue.

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