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The following questions are the most common questions regarding exchange student applications and admissions. If you cannot find the answer to your questions here, please contact the international coordinator in Umeå, as he or she is responsible for your exchange programme.

Applying to Umeå University

How do I apply?

Please see the information under "Application" in the left hand column. You apply for the courses that you wish to study in the online application. The online application form has been sent by email to students that have been nominated by their coordinator. Courses and programmes that are offered in English can be found in our course catalogue.

Note! The application and transcript has to be sent in both electronically AND in paper form.

Which documents do I have to include with my application?

You have to include copies of any previous university/college credits that you wish Umeå University to consider in the assessment of your application.
Note! The application must be signed by the coordinator of your exchange at your home university.

Will I need to provide proof of my proficiency in English?

Proficiency tests in English are not required from students under formal exchange agreements between Umeå University and their home university.

How many courses/credits equals full-time studies?

To be a full-time student you have to study 30 credits per term (e.g., 4 x 7,5 credit courses per term). Full time studies should mean approximately 40 study hours per week, including a varying number of lectures and classes. 

Are there any restrictions in the types of courses I may apply for?

Your home university has to approve of the courses you apply for. You also have to meet the prerequisites for the course in order to be accepted. The prerequisites are stated under the course descriptions. You will find the course descriptions on the course web page.

Can I learn some Swedish during my stay at Umeå University?

Two Swedish Language courses - "Swedish for international students, beginners' course 1" and "Swedish for international students, beginners' course 2" - are offered at Umeå University during the autumn and spring terms (each are 15.0 ECTS). These courses are only offered to students who simultaneously study other courses at Umeå University. More information about the Swedish language courses can be found here: Learn Swedish.

What about accommodation?

Umeå University offers accommodation for exchange students through the International Housing Office. Application is made on the same form as for your courses but it will not be visible on the printed PDF version of the application.

Waiting for your Letter of Acceptance

How do I know that you have received my application?

Due to the vast number of applications that are received each term we are unable to verify the reception of each application. However, you are always welcome to e-mail or call the International Office and inquire about the status of your application.

When can I expect to receive my Letter of Acceptance?

EU/EAA citizens: You will receive your Letter of Acceptance either in early December (spring term applications) or in the end of June (autumn term applications).

Applicants from non EU/EEA countries: Your applications are handled separately and, provided that you have applied in time, you will receive your Letter of Acceptance in time to sort out your visa. Check with your international coordinator for further guidance.

Note! If you need your Letter of Acceptance to apply for a visa to Sweden, and it has not arrived by the time you need to apply for your visa, please contact us directly.

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