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Masters Programme in Fine Arts, 120 Credits

About the programme

Umeå Academy of Fine Arts is a part of the Arts Campus. Since 2012 you can find us in new, modern premises, beautifully located by Umeå river. As a student you will get a good insight to and understanding for the role of art in today's society and how it has evolved over time. Moreover, you practise your ability to analyze, debate and write about art from a critical point of view. Focus is on your own individual artistic expression. In the master programme you deepen these abilities and you devote even more time to your own artistic work.

We have every year a very large number of applicants, particularly to our Bachelor programme, of which 15-20 students are admitted to each programme. In total there are approximately 70 students at the school. Apart from our Bachelor and Master programme in Fine Arts we usually offer one or two summer courses each year and Aesthetics I,II or III as a single-subject course.

For the study year 2016/17 the application will be open between February 1 and March 1. Start by applying via After that you send in your portfolio/ work samples via the link which will be published on no later than the February 1 when the application opens. On the school's web site you will find more information about the application process and what happens after you have applied.

Level of education: Continuation programme
Degree: Degree of Master in Fine Arts
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Many of the school's guest teachers and professors are internationally active artists which, apart from the teaching being held in English, brings international influences to the school. Each class has its own tutor who follows his or her students during the year. Because a large part of the education consists of your own artistic work much responsibility lies on you as a student to, in cosultation with your tutor, plan your studies. Additionally, all teachers at the school are available and offer studio talks/ individual tutorials. Each student has his or her own studio place and access to the shool's well-equipped workshops and project rooms in wood, metal, plaster, bronze, graphic, photo, video and computer-based work. Besides your own artistic work the studies consist of courses and workshops, seminars, lectures and field studies. Apart from certain mandatory courses the schedule is determined based on the education board meetings held each semester together with student representatives, professors, study director and coordinator.
Examination in your final study year is in the form of a solo exhibition, an essay followed by an exam exhibition.


Career Opportunities

The Master programme in Fine Arts deepens your artistic knowledge and improves your chances to work as a professional artist in Sweden or abroad and/ or in areas where artistic skills and research are essential.

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