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Master's Programme in Business Development and Internationalisation, 120 Credits

About the programme

This programme is given by Umeå Business School of Business and Economics. The programme aims to prepare students to become entrepreneurial leaders with capabilities to act on opportunities, needs and challenges, to develop businesses and innovations in a global and changing business context. The students learn about innovation, entrepreneurship, networking and business growth from an international perspective. The pedagogical idea in entrepreneurship is grounded in action-based learning which is integrated with the reflectiveness of master program studies. In this program students create value from innovations and ideas by working with business simulations and development of real-life cases of R&D based innovations, service innovations and innovation development within larger companies.
With the exception of some elective courses, the program is offered in English.

Level of Education: Second degree studies

Level of education: Continuation programme
Degree: Students may choose to finish with a Degree of Master of Science (60hp) after one year. If students continue the full two years they will graduate with a Degree of Master of Science (120hp). Application and eligibility Programme syllabus


During the first year, the main focus of the program is on developing the knowledge within the main subject, Entrepreneurship. This development is achieved through modules in Entrepreneurship and Business Growth as well as in Managing Networks and Internationalization. In lectures and seminars the students will get a theoretical foundation which will be applied on real-life cases of innovations and business simulations focused on decision making and management of a firm in a competitive international and entrepreneurial context.

During the first year it is also possible to complement the studies in Business Development and Internationalization with other elective subjects.
The second year includes a compulsory methodological course and a course outlining recent trends in the field of your specialization. Apart from this, the student is supposed to deepen their knowledge in a supplementary area, such as in marketing, management or finance. The studies also involve the writing of one 30hp thesis/ two 15hp theses.

Career Opportunities

There is a wide area of potential employers for graduates of this programme. In addition to leading entrepreneurial ventures, students will be equipped to pursue careers as in managing business development, working to identify, initiate, and develop business opportunities, lead innovation or strategic change processes. The competence provided in this programme is suited for strategy work in larger firms, the growing sector of policy and support agencies and for work in international business units or sectors where competition, globalisation and technological development are key areas for future development.

Some of the career possibilities for this programme include Company CEO, Corporate Manager, Business Developing Manager, group or functional managers, Business Consultant as well as leading various entrepreneurial activities.

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Highly Ranked Master´s Program

Master’s Program Business Development and Internationalization have been ranked as the Top 200 Best Masters in International Management Global Ranking at Eduniversal. The ranking includes all types of Master’s programs (MSc, MA, MBA, Executive MBA).

This ranking is based on:

  • The reputation of the program.
  • The career prospects and the salary level of the first employment after graduation.
  • The satisfaction feedback of the students

Top 200 Best Master Programs Worldwide

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