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Master's Programme in Cross Media Interaction Design, 120 Credits

About the programme

The master programme brings together the two areas of Cross Media and Interaction Design in order to provide a solid theoretical and practical framework for creating and understanding the future content of the digital media landscape. In close collaboration with industry, the programme prepares for the rapidly changing work practice of creating digital media content, or for a future in Cross Media Interaction Design research.

Utilizing the latest research from Cross Media and Interaction Design in combination with strong cases provided by the industry, the programme provides the students with great opportunities to develop their strategic thinking and concept development skills in the Cross Media domain.

The programme is suitable for students who want to work with concept development and analysis in digital market communication, advertising, film, TV, Web or any other area in digital media.

Level of education: Continuation programme
Degree: Degree of Master of Science (60 credits).
Degree of Master of Science (120 credits). Application and eligibility Programme syllabus


The pedagogical model includes two main components: practice in close collaborations with the industry and focus on digital portfolios. During the courses, the students will work on projects integrated with the regular business of companies in the digital media industry, both in the academic environment and at the companies. Opportunities to work on cases provided by international companies will continuously be given throughout the education and different suggestions for thesis projects will be provided by the industry.

During the programme, each student produces content for their individual, digital portfolio. The portfolio highlights and demonstrates the different skills that the students develop during the courses and each course will provide something to put in the portfolio. After graduation, the portfolio will serve as a great tool for demonstration of the individual skills that each student has acquired.

Career Opportunities

After graduating from the programme, the student is well prepared for analytical work and concept development in digital media production, with a strong expertise in the Cross Media Interaction Design domain.

Application and eligibility

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