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Master's Programme in Management, 120 Credits

About the programme

The program, given at Umeå School of Business and Economics, is designed for students who is interested in, and want a thorough understanding of, the strategic- and leadership challenges that managers face in modern business. The program combine intellectually challenging tasks with real-life applications in areas such as strategy, project management, and human resource management. To keep the program up-to-date, and in order to better prepare our students for both contemporary and future challenges in business and society, we also complement traditional theory with the most recent research results. Sustainability and internationalization is an integral part of the educational environment.
Level of education: Continuation programme

Level of education: Continuation programme
Degree: After a full two years, students will graduate with a Degree of Master of Science (120hp). Students who may choose to finish after only one year will receive a Degree of Master of Science (60hp). Application and eligibility Programme syllabus

  Application and eligibility Programme syllabus


During the first year, the main focus of the programme is on developing the knowledge within the main subject, management. This is achieved through modules in strategy and strategic planning, people and groups, and in project management. Through a combination of lectures and seminars, the students will get a theoretical foundation that will be applied to specific cases and projects. During the first year it is also possible to complement the studies in management with other elective subjects.

The second year includes a compulsory methodological course and a course outlining recent trends in the field of your specialization. Apart from this, the students have the possibility to deepen their knowledge in a supplementary area, such as business development, marketing, accounting, or finance. The studies also involve writing of one 30hp thesis, or two 15hp theses. The entire program is given in English.

Career Opportunities

Management functions are found on most levels in an organization. Middle managers, unit managers, group managers, functional managers, and project managers are just a few examples of functions assigned management roles in contemporary organizations. The master programme in management will prepare you such managerial challenges and also provide you with more specific knowledge such as project management skills and the skills required in the development of effective teams. After having completed the program, you will also be accustomed to the complexity of renewal and strategic change combined with planning and environmental concern.


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