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Master's Programme in Public Health, 120 Credits

About the programme

The two-year master programme in public health at Umeå University is the best two-year public health master programme in Sweden. It was, during 2012, the only two-year programme in public health that received the highest grade by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education – “very high quality”. Read more about it by following the link “Best programme in Sweden” (to the left).

There are a number of scholarships available for non-European students. Read more about it by following the link “Scholarships” (to the left).

The Master's Programme in Public Health includes a number of courses on global health conditions, on health systems analysis, on the relations between social conditions and health and on the methods that you need to carry out public health work. The programme provides public health practitioners and researchers with the skills required to understand, and ultimately help improve and maintain the health status of the population.

By nature, Public Health is multidisciplinary, drawing on social sciences and medicine, using qualitative and quantitative methods to identify and assess specific health risks before designing and implementing effective public health strategies. Traditionally drawing on the fields of microbiology, entomology, parasitology and the management and control of infectious diseases, in today's globalised world we are increasingly facing new public health challenges involving causation and prevention of chronic diseases.

Since its inception in 1991, the programme has attracted students from more than 40 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe (including Sweden) and North and South America. This global recruitment has become an important influence on our teaching and research, with Swedish and international public health professionals learning from one another.

Level of education: Continuation programme
Degree: Master of Science (120 credits). Main field of study: Public health Application and eligibility Programme syllabus


Studying on the programme means an active search for knowledge, problem solving and critical analyses based on a scientific approach. The working methods vary between individual study work, group work, seminars and lectures. In the evaluations we have done, students have expressed great satisfaction with the cooperation between students from a different educational and cultural background.
A student on the programme has of course a guaranteed enrolment in all of the programme courses. Some of the courses build on one another and should therefore be taken in a specific order.
This is an international programme with students coming from many countries. All teaching is done in English.

Career Opportunities

The competence that this programme gives can be used both in public and private organisations. Many graduates will work in the public sector in local and state institutions – from e.g. hospitals to the Ministry of Health. The positions may be as e.g. strategists, evaluators and analysts. Graduates finding jobs in non-profit organizations may be working with e.g. health advocacy, policy, or research for organizations such as the Red Cross. Other graduates will go to the private sector working e.g. for pharmaceutical companies or for health insurance companies. A future university career in research is another path.

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