Getting to Umeå

Umeå is easily accessible via plane, railway, bus, car, and also ferry. The directions are listed below by form of transportation.


Umeå Airport is located only a few kilometres from Umeå University. If you make a stopover in another city on the way you need to find out if your luggage is checked through to Umeå, or if you need to bring it through customs yourself.


If you are flying and need to transfer between airports, or if you arrive in Stockholm by a different means of transport than you will travel further with, it is important that you plan how long it will take you to get from one travel center/airport to another

Transfer times from one travel center/airport to another
Transfers Transfer time
Skavsta Airport - Stockholm City Terminal (Airport bus) 1 hour 20 minutes
Arlanda Airport - Stockholm City Terminal (Airport bus) 40 minutes
Arlanda Airport - Stockholm City Terminal (Arlanda Express train) 20 minutes
Bromma Airport - Stockholm City Terminal (Airport bus) 20 minutes


The train companies that services Umeå are SJ and Norrtåg. There are overnight trains and day trains, with some connecting to bus lines. Umeå East (Umeå Östra) railway station is located near the University Hospital, adjacent to Campus Umeå.


There are several buses servicing Umeå every day. Y-bussen takes you from Stockholm to Umeå, the trip takes around nine hours. When the bus reaches Umeå it will stop in the city centre, a few kilometres from the university.


If you plan to drive to Umeå you should take the driving conditions into account. Winter tires are required during the winter season because snow and ice cover the roads. 


The ferry company servicing the route Umeå – Vasa (in Finland) is Wasaline. The trip takes approximately four hours. You will arrive in Holmsund by the coast, about 15 kilometres from Umeå. From there you can arrange for a taxi to take you into the city or the university.

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